Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Our Story"

The long anticipated In-Sync Exotics’ full length video titled “Our Story” is now available on our YouTube Channel!  Watch this incredible video about our early beginnings and where we are at today, plus see how you can help change the lives of our very special exotic cats and Nugget!

Our full length video is about 14:31 minutes long, but we promise, you’ll be riveted to your screen, that you won’t even noticed how fast time flys by as you watch our new video. 

If you are pressed for time, you can watch our shorter version of “Our Story,” which is about 5:05 minutes long.

Both the full and shorter video versions can be seen below!  So, sit back, relax (maybe have a couple of tissues handy, just in case) and enjoy “Our Story.”

("Our Story" - shorter version)

"Our Story" was produced, directed, photographed and edited by Barry Stevenson.  We'd like to thank Barry for creating this beautiful video for us!  He really did a terrific job and we appreciate all the time and effort he put into "Our Story"!  Thank you, Barry!  

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  1. These are ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Vicky's story is such a heart-warming and honest one. I am SO HAPPY that it's captured in such a great way in these videos.

    Sometimes when people ask me what In-Sync Exotics is about and why I feel so passionately about it... it's hard to describe. I mean, it's easy to give the basic information but its not always easy to capture the true heart and emotion of it all. These resolve that!

    Thank-you so very much Mr. Stevenson! I know I'm not the only one that is taken away by the videos. It really means a lot! :-)