Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Weekly Review of Smiles and Tears

Life at a sanctuary, as you may know, is filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears...

We started the week with our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner!  Our staff and volunteers enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship, great food, entertainment, and awards!  This year's receipient of Volunteer of the Year went to... (click HERE to read more).

Tuesday's posting was all about our Summer Splash event!  Have you ever seen an exotic cat play with watermelon before?  No?  Well, here's your chance -- click HERE to watch our Summer Splash video!

Wednesday, we posted our long anticipated In-Sync Exotics' video, titled "Our Story," to this blog and our Youtube Channel.  Watch this amazing video depicting our early beginnings, where we are at today, and what you can do to help us continue our mission! Go HERE to see our wonderful new video!

Yesterday, we answered a reader's question regarding the significance of the colored t-shirts!  To learn what the green, gold, grey, black, and blue t-shirts represents, click HERE!

We end the week on a very sad note.  The following was posted on our Facebook page yesterday morning:  

May 15, 2003 - July 25, 2012
We lost our beautiful Jasi yesterday. When he came to live with us almost 2 years ago, we knew that he had a heart condition, but we had been able to manage it with medication. However, yesterday his heart just didn't want to do it's job anymore. We raced him to our vet, and who then accompanied Vicky to a heart specialist in a nearby town, but there was nothing they could do. Jasi had a hole in his heart, and his heart valves were not working properly. They tried everything, but we lost our beautiful, friendly, curious and affectionate boy. We are all completely heartbroken.

Our precious Jasi will always be remembered as a little clown who loved to splash around in his tub or play with the spray from the water hose when we cleaned his enclosure! His fascination with his enrichment items always put smiles on our faces. He also loved to play with his cage mate,  Nefertiti-- please keep our precious Neffie in your prayers as she is now living alone, without her little buddy.

A final look and Jasi and Neffie together

Jasi's urn

Jasi may be gone, but he will always reside in our hearts.  Godspeed, Jasi--we were blessed to have known you...

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