Friday, August 10, 2012

A Recap of This Week's Events!

This week, we're going to shake up the "end of the week" blog posting by sharing this week's stories in reverse order (this will make sense once you get towards the bottom of this posting)!  

So let's start with yesterday's posting on Lydia, our senior bobcat, who was brought to In-Sync Exotics by a mother and son from Garland, Texas. Fearing animal control might put down the injured animal, the decision was made to bring the bobcat to In-Sync Exotics so our vet could examine, treat, and possibly release her back to the wild.  What we learned from her x-rays really surprised us... (click HERE for the rest of the story)

Moses and Otis (two more bobcats) were featured in Wednesday's blog posting.  Which bobcat was rescued from an overflowing creek and which bobcat used to live in a Dallas condominium?  Well, you'll just have to click HERE for the answers to both questions!

In keeping with our bobcat theme for the week, we posted the teaser question "Where Did Jasper Go?"  Well, he didn't travel very far and he's got a new roommate!  Who is he bunking with and how are they getting along?  Click HERE for the answers to these questions and more!

So what started our week on bobcats? How about the introduction to our newest member to the In-Sync Exotics' family--a little 2 1/2 - 3 month old bobcat whom we named "Naomi!"  Our new bobcat was found ... (click HERE for the rest of the story).

This week, we were able to give our little bobcat a thorough examination and an opportunity to explore one of our playgrounds--we hope you enjoy this video of our little curious bobcat!

Wonderful News!

Have you seen (and hopefully shared) our new video yet?  You may recall, one of our wish list items was a new automated phone service that would direct callers, through a series of prompts, to the right person or information service.  Well, our first wish has come true, thanks to the generosity of A Better Answer!.  A Better Answer provided In-Sync Exotics with free voice-mail services!  We are thrilled that A Better Answer donated this terrific service to In-Sync Exotics -- thank you very, very much, A Better Answer!  

We hope you enjoyed this week's blog posting and will join us again next week for more informative, funny, and interesting blog postings on our wild ones!  Remember, we are open for tours Thursday - Friday, so we look forward to your visit!  

Kaiya says "Have a tiger-ific and relaxing weekend everyone!"



  1. Gideon? He is adorable. I want to squeeze him...ok, well not squeeze him, but I have visions of being an abominable snowman in my head. I laughed out loud at your little video. thank you!

  2. Naomi/Gideon is absolutely adorable!! Once he's a bit bigger, I'm sure Faith/Jasper and he will have a lot to discuss!

    I bet he had a blast investigating that playground! Can't wait to meet him!