Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Did Little Jasper Go?

For almost two years, Jasi and Nefertiti lived together, played together, and simply enjoyed life together as best friends.  However, with the sudden passing of Jasi, we noticed Neffi looked a little lost without her buddy.  We thought that if she had a new cage mate, she might perk up some and enjoy the company of a new cat friend.

You're moving me where?
So last Tuesday, we decided to move Jasper out of Takoma's quarters (to his delight) and into Neffi's enclosure.  Our hope was (and still is) that the our bobcat (Jasper) and Neffi (serval) would become fast friends and buddies within no time at all!

We are still waiting.

When we first introduced Jasper to Neffi's enclosure, we kept the two cats separated.  Jasper stayed indoors and Neffi stayed outdoors.  We kept their connecting door closed so both cats could get used to the idea of  living together.  It wasn't long before we opened the door as both cats appeared oblivious of  the other's existence.  

We hoped by the time this posting came out, the two cats would at least be a little curious and sniff each other out.  During the day, we've been keeping a close eye on the pair, but so far, neither cat has expressed an interest in the other.  Jasper still stays indoors and Neffi still stays outdoors.

Andrea even spent the night with them on Sunday, in the hopes of catching them making nocturnal introductions.  But alas, they still they refused to leave their respective areas.

So, here's a picture of Neffi outdoors...

Posing pretty for the camera

Time to put away the camera!

...and here is Jasper indoors... (check out his glowing eyes!)

No flash so Jasper doesn't even know his picture was taken...

So, let's use the flash...

Jasper is now aware of the camera...

...and he doesn't like the flash.

Can you tell?

Picture taken without the flash...
...much better!

Sometimes our cats have an instant connection with one another (like Jasmine and Okemo) and sometimes it takes a little longer--much longer. We just hope that by the time little Naomi is ready to join Neffi and Jasper, our two reclusive cats will be the best of friends!  

Cat toes crossed!

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  1. My cats are still mourning the loss of Tito who died in June; Neffi may just not be ready for someone else.