Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fantastic Summer Photos!

Our cats were more than ready for their photo shoot that was held at In-Sync Exotics last Sunday!  Our cats woke up to see several new photographer faces ready to capture their personalities in various stages of sleep, play, or just simply looking adorable!

Lynne Travis once again organized our Summer Photo Shoot and it was such a great event, she has already announced our Fall Photo Shoot, scheduled for Saturday, October 13th.  So, if you missed our Summer Photo Shoot, then you'll definitely want to attend our Fall Shoot!

Here is a short video presentation of our Summer Photo Shoot 2012!

We'd like to thank all the volunteers who acted as chaperons during this event.  Thanks to our volunteers, our animals were very relaxed and enjoyed their time in the "lime light!"  Here are a couple of comments from our animal chaperons!

From our Facebook page:
Janis Ciuba Danner
The photo shoot tour today was fantastic! The cats strutted their stuff for the cameras.....don't they have such attitude? The groups definitely saw some action that even some us volunteers never are privileged to to see, for a long long time. Great groups, great volunteers, even greater organizer and the best cats in the world! Fantastic morning. 
Thank y'all so much. I got some eyefuls as a chaperon, and I heard so many appreciative comments from the tour members. Your photographers out there really need to check this out for the next photo tour. Truly fabulous. I saw some of the shots taken today, and can't wait to see more!
Sunday at 1:22pm
And via E-mail!
Hi Lynne and Vicky, 
Count me in for the next photo shoot; it's already on my calendar. 
While visiting Harley, he seemed to be really fixated on his water tub.  We gave him a pizza box with horse pee, but he was much more interested in licking the side of the tub and trying to bite it.  As much as we wanted him to jump in the tub, he just wanted to try to dump over.  There were a lot anxious moments when we thought he would get in the tub only to lay back done and continue licking the tub. Harley was clearly just a tease today! 
Kazuri really put on a show!  He LOVES his Lynne, obsession and skin so soft!  Many many stinky faces and covering his face with his paws trying to look bashful.
Today was great!

We hope we'll see you at our next exciting event, Bingo Night, which is set for Augusts 18th!  More details to follow regarding this special In-Sync Exotics' event!

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