Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tiger Tyjar's Big Move!

One of the saddest sounds to hear is that of a tiger crying out for her deceased buddy.  Poor Jasmine really was attached to Okemo.  From the day he first arrived at Aladdin’s Castle, to the day he left us, Jasmine’s eyes were glued to Okemo, always watching his every move.  Often, when Okemo slept in his den, Jasmine would position herself in such a manner that allowed her to watch him.  She really, really loved our sweet Okemo.

Jasmine is having a hard time understanding why Okemo no longer lives next to her.  It was very difficult for us to hear her cry out to him for hours on end that first and second night without Okemo, knowing that there was nothing we could do to ease her pain.  Our first instinct was to lavish lots of love and attention on our girl, but sadly, our overtures were for not.  Jasmine was inconsolable.  After much discussion, we decided to relocate one of our single male tigers adjacent to Jasmine’s quarters in the hopes that she would not feel so alone anymore.

Moving Tyjar next to Jasmine seemed like the logical choice because, after all, he is family!  You may recall, Tyjar is Jasmine’s son, who sadly was separated from Jasmine shortly after birth.  To learn more about Tyjar, click HERE!

The move also benefited Tyjar simply because he has never felt “loved” by one of The Brats—Sultan—who just happened to live nearby.  By the way, have you ever wondered why we call three of our tigers "The Brats?"  Well, if you check back with us next week, we'll have that answer for you!  For some reason, Sultan took an instant dislike to Tyjar from day one, going out of his way to antagonize and challenge him at every opportunity.  Unfortunately, this discord impacted the Brat Girls, Iona and Kaiya, who often bore the brunt of Sultan’s frustrations. 

So on Sunday, we quietly moved Tyjar to his new enclosure in the hopes that he would love his new home; that Jasmine would enjoy his company; and the brats would finally return to their normal harmonious state.  On Tyjar’s big move day, our boy entered the transporter and his new quarters without any problems—he was such a trooper!

Well, it’s been four days now since Tyjar moved and he’s doing great in his new home!  When he first moved in, Jasmine approached him, made a few greeting chuffs and then turned her back on him. <sigh>  But good news!  Yesterday evening, Jasmine's spirits picked up as she was seen jumping in and out of her tub, playing hide and seek with Tyjar, and tackling her ball!  It looks like Mother and Son will be just fine living next to each other after all!

At first, Sultan continued to glare across the grounds at Tyjar in the hopes of intimidating our tiger.  Sultan finally decided Tyjar was no longer a threat and returned to his normal “bratty” self, to the delight of Iona and Kaiya.  Ahhh…Tiger Country is harmonious once more!

So the big question is… Did Tyjar ever discover the pool?

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  1. I was so happy to hear that Tyjar had been moved next door to his Mama. I think he is going to love his new home, and Jasmine now has a sweet new neighbor!

    Thank you so much for posting those videos!

    1. Our pleasure, Sheila! We just love showing off our handsome and beautiful exotic cats and Nugget!

  2. One of my cats died of renal failure in June, and one of my other cats, who positively WORSHIPPED him, cried piteously for WEEKS. It was heartbreaking.