Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big Cats With Stomach Problems

Yep, even big cats can get stomach aches now and then.  It's our job to make sure we identify and treat our cats accordingly whenever they experience these "tummy problems."

We are currently treating two big cats with stomach problems--Saber and Kazuri.

We noticed Saber was having some problems holding down food starting last week so we gave her a little bit of vasoline with her meat in the hopes that it would help solve her tummy condition.  When that didn't work, it was time to see if there was a medical related problem why our girl was not keeping all her food down.  Blood was drawn and she was given Famotidine and a bit more vasoline in the hopes this would cure her problem.  We had to put the vasoline on her body because whatever was upsetting her stomach caused her to stop eating.

Well, it wasn't long before 4 lbs of meaty "mass" exited her body.  We're not sure yet if her stomach troubles are cured, but we do know that the blood test results were negative for any infections or complications.  So now we watch and wait and see if her health improves.  If we don't see an improvement by Friday, Saber will be taking a trip to Texas A&M  University College of Veterinary Medicine for a more thorough exam.  We will keep you updated on her progress!

In Kazuri's case, our boy vomited one time per day for the last three days.  Again, vasoline and Famotidine was administered to our sick tiger.  It wasn't long before Kazuri "pooped out" what we believed was bothering his stomach -- a large piece of neck bone!  
Kazuri is not 100% feeling better yet, but we have high hopes he will be feeling back to his normal self in no time at all.  We also drew some blood to see if there was something else standing in the way of our tiger's great health and the results was good -- no infections or complications.  So once again we'll wait and see if his health improves over the next couple of day.  We will keep you posted on our boy's progress!

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1 comment:

  1. Yep. I know this because my cats who've had renal failure have developed uremic gastritis (and I gave them famotidine too!)

    I just had bloodwork done on one guy...last week, week before maybe? I've had a rash of renal failure, so when he was vomiting, I got worried. Bloodwork was stellar; vet says famotidine. I do notice he vomits more on some foods versus others. (He seems to do well on salmon; not so much chicken or duck).

    Now, he's hardly skinny. He's 18 pounds of solid, but he's about a pound and a half overweight (which is a lot when it's less than 20 pounds!)

    If it keeps up we're going to try famotidine for him, too (twice the dosage I gave the others, because he's so ginormously hyooge!) but I also may try putting food in mini-muffin tins for him to make him slow down (although I haven't noticed him particularly eating fast).

    Fortunately for me, although his paw is big enough that he really honestly probably could rip my face right off my skull if he were so inclined, he's a gentle giant, and the easiest cat I've ever met to pill. If I drop the pill in the general vicinity of his body, he'll swallow it. :)