Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Have you Met Jynxie Yet?

We'd like to thank everyone who shared "Swimming with Tigers" video yesterday to family, friends, and co-workers.  If you would like to see this video again along with others Barry Stevenson produced for In-Sync Exotics, then click HERE.  He really does a terrific job capturing the spirit and energy of In-Sync Exotics -- thank you very much, Barry!

Today, we're featuring Jynxie, a lioness with an unusual history:
Jynxie was born at a sanctuary in 1998 in Mississippi where her parents had been rescued from a very poor situation. In 2001 Jynxie and her brother, Jambo, were removed from this sanctuary and traveled to another sanctuary in Texas where they lived together until 2008. Sadly, Jambo died leaving her without lion companionship for about two years.

When her second home, the Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO), closed its doors, Jynxie needed to be relocated once again.  We were contacted a couple of times to see if we could take in some of the WAO big cats that required immediate placement, but since we were already a little crowded at the time, we had to say no.

All that changed in October, for you see, on October 28, 2010 we were left with a huge vacant hole in both our hearts and one of our lion enclosures by the passing of our beloved Malikai. Not only were we left with this sadness, but Malikai left behind a brother, Dinari, whom now would have to live the rest of his life alone. We contacted the WAO to see if they still needed to place any of their female lions, and as fate would have it, they still needed a home for Jynxie!

On November 12th we brought Jynxie home. When she first arrived, we couldn't help but notice she look a little thin and her coat did not look so good.

Jynxie when she first arrived at In-Sync Exotics - November 2010
Our girl looking a little thin upon arrival
Jynxie was very unsure of her new surroundings when she first arrived.

Once Jynxie felt more at home with us, we were able to pair her and Dinari for a short time.  They were only together for a couple of weeks before Dinari passed away on May 11,2011. 

Once again, we were faced with a lion (in this case lioness) who no longer had companionship.  So, when we learned that a geriatric lion from the WAO named Sabu needed a home, we gladly accepted the boy with high hopes that maybe Jynxie and Sabu could live together.

But alas, this pairing was not meant to be either since Jynxie was just a little too domineering towards Sabu, constantly nipping our boy on his hind quarters! Ironically, now that they are apart, we often catch the pair sharing glances across the playground and Jynxie still gets excited whenever she spies Sabu playing with his red ball!  Silly girl!

Even though the two cats cannot live together, they seem to be enjoying all the attention they receive from  their big cat neighbors or human caretakers.  Jynxie happens to live next to the White Boys and we often see her teasing the boys when they pass nearby on their way to the playground. And Sabu just loves playing with his enrichment items on the playground to the delight of on-lookers!  

Hello gorgeous Jynxie!

She is no longer unsure about her new surroundings!
In-Sync Exotics is now her HOME!

Our girl has filled out and her coat looks absolutely beautiful!

We hope you enjoy this video of our gorgeous girl receiving her enrichment! Doesn't she look g-o-o-d?

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  1. Jynxie is such a sweet girl!!

  2. I posted a picture of Jynxie yesterday. She was sleeping so sweet while I was cleaner her cage area I had to stop and take a picture. She's a love. The care she's given everyday by all of the hard working staff and volunteers at In Sync Exotics truly make her a happy cat! Love her!

    1. Thank you so much for taking great care of our Jynxie girl!

    2. Last time I was there, she was sleeping on top of her den, and I called her name, and she looked at me.

  3. What happened to Dinari and Malakai (I know they DIED, but young. Ish. For a lion. Sort of...)

    1. Malikai was sick for about a month with an unknown illness. We took him to Texas A&M Veterinary School of Medicine twice and our own vet made daily trips to In-Sync, but no one was able to figure out what was wrong with our boy. He started out not acting right and his symptoms got worse. Sadly, Malikai passed in his sleep. We did a full autopsy and panel work-up, yet still never found out what was wrong with him. Today his cause of death is still a mystery to us.

      When Dinari stopped eating we took him to OSU Vet College and they performed all kinds of test on him. Two weeks later we took him to Texas A&M where we learned Dinari had a really bad type of cancer. When his condition got to the point where he was no longer able to enjoy life, we made the very tough decision to let him go.

  4. Oh man, I'm really sorry to hear that about Malikai. I had one (DLH) die of lymphoma recently, and he was FeLeuk negative! He had just turned six. I was crushed; he was born at my house and I picked him up within minutes of his birth. I used to walk around with him (and his brother, whom I still have) stuck under my shirt. They are/were totally imprinted on me (their mother was a VERY good mom, too), and the one that died was the sweetest boycat EVER. NO IDEA how he got lymphoma. :'(