Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exotic Cats Love Turkey Too!

On Saturday, November 24th, we held our annual Turkey Toss event for our exotic cats.  It was a beautiful day at In-Sync Exotics, with about 210 people in attendance of our "after" Thanksgiving Day event, raising $2,262 for the animals!    We'd like to thank everyone who came out and watched our exotic cats receive their turkey treats. We were told by many of our guests that our Turkey Toss event was very memorable as many of them never watched exotic cats eat meat before!

All of our cats, with the exception of the cheetahs, received turkey.  Since our cheetahs are not fond of turkey meat, they were given chuck meat instead. Our large cats received a whole turkey, while our cougars and leopards received half a turkey each. Our smaller cats, such as the bobcats, servals, lynxes, and ocelot, enjoyed a variety of turkey "parts" (necks, giblets, hearts, livers, and gizzards).  

Turns out, Quisto, our new ocelot, really loves turkey giblets!  He would run down his ramp, snatch a giblet,  then run back up the ramp to enjoy his meal. Bless his heart, he ran up and down his ramp several times before he finished off his turkey treats.  Unfortunately, he was moving so fast, we were unable to snap a clear picture of him!

Jett and Vicky got into a little tug-of-war because Jett was just a little too anxious for his turkey treat as he refused to wait for it to clear the feed slot!  Even though the turkey piece was torn in half, it didn't stop Jett from grabbing both pieces and hauling them away, glaring at everyone, just daring us to take his turkey treat away.  

Java grabbed his turkey and ran across the playground.  He jump up on his giant spool where he guardedly ate his turkey.

Turkeys were a really big hit with the tigers and lions!  They loved grabbing and carrying around their turkeys like they were their trophies. 

Shazam loved his bird, but for some reason, Jazz was afraid of his turkey on the den.  After some coaching from Vicky, Jazz finally accepted his turkey--and loved it!

As always, Harley stole the show with his silly antics!  We hope you enjoy this video taken by Diana Ramadani of Harley "finding" his turkey treat:

Our final video is of our cats enjoying their treats, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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