Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unexpected Medical Challenges

Last week, while the blog was on "vacation," In-Sync Exotics was kept very busy with unexpected medical challenges faced by some of our animals.  Here is a brief synopsis of what transpired last week:

Twiggy:  Some time back we noticed that Twiggy's leg was slightly swollen.  After a while, the swelling appeared to go down, but we asked our vet to check on her leg to make sure she was okay.  Our vet suggested we x-ray her leg because he could still see some swelling.  So last Monday, we x-rayed the leg and sure enough, we saw a break in the splint bone. Our vet recommended that Twiggy avoid any strenuous activity (no problem there) and we are to watch her leg to make sure the swelling goes down.  Eventually the bones will fuse together.  Twiggy seems to be in good spirits, so we have high hopes that Twiggy's leg will mend rather quickly.

Otis and Moses!
Otis and Moses:  For some inexplicable reason, Otis and Moses got into a terrible fight last week.  We were completely caught off guard because these two cats have been living together as buddies for five years without incident.  Once the bobcats separated, we noticed that Moses walked with a limp.  While his limp is improving, we are concerned there may be some leg damage, so tomorrow Moses will be examined by our vet to determine if he requires an x-ray.

Aramis and Tacoma:  For the last three week our lion, Aramis, and tiger, Tacoma, experienced some eating challenges.  We have no idea why the cats are avoiding their meals, despite all the efforts made to encourage them to eat their full evening meals (medicine, change in diet, treats, etc.).  The cats' are in good spirits, playful, and are pooping--they're just not eating all their food.  This is unusual because during the cooler weather, our cats tend to eat more meat than when it's hot and humid.

On a daily average, we believe Tacoma is eating about a pound of meat per day.  The exception was on Saturday--our annual Turkey Toss--as Tacoma ate his entire turkey.  Tacoma has noticeably lost some weight -- if his appetite does not improve this week, both Tacoma and Aramis will be taking a trip to Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine where they can be thoroughly examined. 

Spike:  We are still awaiting for medical test results form Texas A&M, so our vets can determine a medical treatment plan.  For information on his current medical condition, please click HERE.

Mohan:  Five years ago, we noticed that Mohan had a slight bump on his backside, so we tested the bump to see if it was cancerous.  Thankfully, the test came back negative.  Now that the bump has gotten slightly larger, we felt it prudent to have the bump tested again. We are waiting for the results of his biopsy. 

Aasha:  We noticed that our beautiful tigress was having trouble getting up and laying down.  Her legs seem to be out of alignment with the rest of her body, so we need to have her back legs and hips x-rayed to see what is going on with our girl.   

Gideon:  Last week, we witnessed little Gideon having another seizure and we suspect he may have had several more seizures when we're not present. Gideon is still on his medication, and while it has reduced the number and severity of his seizures, our little boy is still not "out of the woods" yet. Today, we are checking his blood so we can see what his phenobarbital level, which should tell us if we need to adjust his medication.

As you can see, we've had quite a few unexpected medical situations.  At the time of this posting, we have a balance of $12,000 for veterinary services, and this balance is expected to increase. We cannot provide an outstanding level of animal care without your help.  You are the lifeblood of our sanctuary and we need your support so we can provide the very best medical care for our animals.

Can you help our animals by making a loving and generous contribution today? $20 or more will make an impact on the health and well-being of our animals. By making a tax-deductible gift today, you are making a positive difference in the lives of our beautiful animals. 

We humbly thank you in advance on behalf of Twiggy, Moses, Aramis, Tacoma, Spike, Mohan, Aasha, Gideon, and the rest of the animals of In-Sync Exotics. We truly appreciate our supporters!

In the meantime, we will continue to keep you appraised of our animals' medical conditions as news comes available.  Please say a little prayer that our cats and horse feels better soon!

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!


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