Monday, December 10, 2012

A Special Friend Helps In-Sync Exotics!

Welcome back everyone to another week of In-Sync Exotics news!

As the year comes to a close, and we reflect upon all our accomplishes, challenges, tears, and joys, we are also reminded that In-Sync Exotics would not be possible without YOU.

YOU provide life saving medical care for our exotic animals, horses, and domestic cats.

YOU provide quality species specific meals for all our animals.

YOU provide us the means to build larger habitats for our animals.

YOU volunteer your time and service ensuring our animals having a loving place to call home.

Without YOU, there would be no US.

If you've been following us Twitter, then you know we have a terrific fan from Canada who has been following In-Sync Exotics.  She wanted to volunteer her time with the animals, but she lives too far away.  She wanted to help off-set the costs of food and medicine, but like many people, she cannot donate at this time.  She loves animals so much, she knew she could contribute to our mission in some way, even though she lives in another time zone.  So after some thought, she decided to go through our Facebook and blog pictures, downloaded the photos she like the best, and then organize them in such a way that they told a story that came from her heart.  She contact her friend, Mike Cerveni, who graciously allowed her to use his song for her creation and with the help from the blog mistress (for a little production assistance) a new video was born! 

Kim was inspired by Vicky as she watched the sanctuary's story on Twitter and wanted to help Vicky reach new fans by tweeting this new video to friends and family.  So, without further ado, may I present Kim Puffer's new video titled "Miracles!"

We want to thank Kim and Mike for this wonderful video and song! Kim's words resonates with animal rescuers and caregivers everywhere, as it is hard work to care for the animals under our care, and yes, we do need some help--your help--today...

We realize that not everyone can donate during these hard economic times. But we have to be honest with you, without your contributions, we are unable to order food for the animals at a monthly expense of $14,000,  pay the vet bills, which is about $20,000 at this time, vitamins, minerals, and medicines for our aging population who need a little extra support, enrichment for the animals...well, you get the idea.  

Donations, even as small as $10, gets us closer to us meeting our obligations to the animals.  Your gift, whether it be $10, $50, $100, or more is truly a blessing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your hard earned dollars.  

This time of year is especially important because your donations help us get through the first quarter of the new year. As a 501(C) (3) sanctuary, all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. So, if you were waiting to make a special gift to the animals, now would be a terrific time!  To see the various ways you can make a tax-deductive charitable donation, please click HERE.

Don't forget, every dollar the 2012 Christmas Bake Sale raises this year, results in an automatic matching, dollar for dollar.  So if you cannot make it to the bake sale and would like to make a donation and see your donation automatically double, please mail a check or money order, made out to In-Sync Exotics, to: 

Corby Bryant
 c/o Venable Royalty, Ltd
5910 North Central Expressway
Suite 1470
Dallas, Texas, 75206

Please email Corby Bryant (click HERE for email address) with any questions you may have regarding the upcoming Bake Sale! Don't forget to check out 2012 Christmas Bake Sale's blog and Pintrest pages.  Yep, the event has it own blog and Pintrest pages, so click HERE to learn more about this event and check out the tasty treats up for sale, Monday, December 17th!

There are so many ways to help support the animals, as Kim pointed out in the video, so we hope you will select one that you like the best, including our Razoo project "Big Cats Need Dental Too!"  So far we raised enough money to give one big cat the dental surgery he needs.  We still have four more cats that need your help!  Perhaps this is the cause for you!  To make a donation towards the "Big Cats Need Dental Too, click HERE!
We invite you to join us on Twitter as we will be discussing the video with our friends.  We hope you will share this posting with your friends and family, letting them know that there are so many ways to help our animals--so many ways to make a difference in their lives--that we are confident that we will be successful.

Yes, miracles can come true, all thanks to you!

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!



  1. Ok, the video and song made me cry, but also left me feeling so very honored to be even a small part of what In-Sync does for these beautiful animals.

    Thank you Kim & Mike for your heartwarming tribute!

  2. Thank you for the video... Even a small glimpse of my sister doing what she loved makes me feel better...

  3. Somehow I had never really "seen" Isaac's former life. It is unfathomable how human beings can treat the creatures that share this earth with us so cruelly. It is truly wonderful that Isaac and the other residents of In-Sync can now know the love of humans. There is joy! Thank you so much for doing this very moving video.

  4. I agree--the video definitely made me cry too..especially when I thought about my Aasha and Sabu and how far they've come. I'm so honored and blessed to have been even a very small part of this sanctuary..I just hope I can come back to contribute more! In-Sync changed my life by opening my eyes to the need for big cat I want to dedicate my life to making a difference for these beautiful creatures!

  5. Thank you Kim and Mike. Wonderful video.

  6. awwww, everyone is so very sweet and I am flattered....and dont deserve the thanks,really, its Insync who does all of the work and we owe these cats.