Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Friday And You Know What That Means--Recap!

It's Friday and you know what that means!  Time for your weekly round up with just a touch of extra news--all for you!

On Monday, we welcomed a new Intern, Gretta May Antrican, said goodbye to our Intern, Julie Vria, and introduced to you a cute video of Jasper and his blanket!  To read Monday's blog posting, please click HERE!
Tuesday's posting was a medical update on Twiggy, Moses, Aramis, Tacoma, Spike, Mohan, Aasha, and Gideon! You may recall last week we reported on animals' medical challenges incurred over the Thanksgiving Week while the blog was on "vacation." Well,  it was time to share with you their medical outcomes!  Click HERE for your medical update!

Do you have a special Home Away From Home that you can't wait to get back to each week?  Robin Gibson shares her thoughts on what it was like to return to her favorite sanctuary after being away for several months.  We are glad you are back, Robin!  To read Robin's story and our 12-days to Christmas Update, click HERE for Wednesday's blog posting! By the way, have you purchased your 2012 In-Sync Exotics calendar yet?
Yesterday, we were treated with another edition of Janis Danner's Cat-o-tonic History Tales! This time, we explored cat mythos, with a few challenges thrown in to keep us on our cat toes!  Click HERE to read the latest edition of Cat-o-tonic History Tales!

Christmas Bake Sale Update!

We have some exciting news!  As you may have noticed, our first flier included City Vet, one of our Bake Sale's returning sponsors, who has been most generous providing the big event with items to sell and give away (thank you, City Vet!).  Now two more sponsors have been added to the 2012 Christmas Bake Sale!  Let's give two paws of approval to Venable Royalty (a returning sponsor) as they will also match what we raise, dollar for dollar and to Paper Mart, first time sponsor, who has graciously given us a discount on all of our packaging we purchased from them!  To learn more about our sponsors, please click on their links below!

Visit their Facebook page at:

Visit their Facebook page at:

Visit their website at:

This leads us to an important note:  Every dollar the 2012 Christmas Bake Sale raises, results in an automatic matching, dollar for dollar.  So if you cannot make it to the bake sale and would like to make a donation, please mail a check or money order, made out to In-Sync Exotics, to: 

Corby Bryant
 c/o Venable Royalty, Ltd
5910 North Central Expressway
Suite 1470
Dallas, Texas, 75206

Please email Corby Bryant (click HERE for email address) with any questions you may have regarding the upcoming Bake Sale! Don't forget to check out 2012 Christmas Bake Sale's blog and Pintrest pages.  Yep, the event has it own blog and Pintrest pages, so click HERE to learn more about this event and check out the tasty treats up for sale, Monday, December 17th!

Click HERE for a printable flier, ready to be displayed or given out to local businesses, co-workers, friends, and of course, family members!  Thank you for helping us make this the best Christmas Bake Sale ever!

Christmas With The Cats!

Our Christmas lights were strung with care by our hard working staff and volunteers (and they look gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves!)    The cats are frisky, enjoying the cooler air.  The sweet sounds of lions' roars can be heard everywhere.  The cider and hot chocolate is ready to be enjoyed. Alas, all that's missing from this wonderful event is...well, YOU!

Come on out tonight (Friday) or Saturday evening for a night time tour you will never forget.  And if you want to make your time with us extra special why not make a VIP Christmas With The Cats Tour reservation today!  For details and a printable flier, please click HERE!


Great Christmas Gifts Ideas!

Have you seen all the great gifts displayed on our on-line gift shop?  No? Well, here's your chance to check them out!  We have hoodies for people and puppies, sweatshirts, warm stadium blankets, mugs, PJs, cards, ornaments, stockings, and so much more! There's still time to mail your gifts to friends and family.  So don't today!  Click HERE for our on-line gift ship!

We hope you enjoyed this week's blog posting! Be sure to check back next week for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! We hope to see you soon as we are open for tours Friday-Sunday!  For tour information please click HERE.


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