Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello, Goodbye, and Oh So Cute!

Welcome back to another exciting week at In-Sync Exotics!

Gretta with Lucca!
Today, we'd like to welcome our new Intern, Gretta May Antrican, who traveled all the way from Virginia, just so she could learn about exotic animal care at our sanctuary.  As recent college graduate with a minor in Biology, Gretta wanted to learn more about exotic cats and other types of carnivores, so she volunteered at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyd, Texas.   

She has also volunteered her time and services with the  Human Society in Blacksburg, Virginia, for about four years.  When she is not volunteering or interning, Gretta works at the Reston Zoo, a 30-acre home to a wide variety of exotic animals (except for carnivores like tigers, lions, bears, wolves, etc).  By volunteering at In-Sync Exotics, Gretta is receiving a well-rounded work experience when it comes to the care and feeding of animals like our exotic cats and little Nugget!

Mohan greeting Gretta!

So when you see Gretta at In-Sync Exotics, please extend her a Texas-size welcome to In-Sync Exotics!  Welcome aboard, Gretta!

Julie with Tobias

We also said farewell to our Intern, Julie Vria, from Garland Texas.  We will miss you, Julie, especially Sabu, who loved to hear you sing to him!  

We interrupt this blog posting with a commercial announcement!

Our beautiful calendars will be available for pickup at our on-site Gift Store on Thursday, December 6th!  Each calendar costs $18 if you pick it up in person from our sanctuary's gift shop.  If you'd like to have a calendar shipped to you by standard mail, then the cost of the item is $18 + $3.00 (mail cost) for a total of $21.00 a piece.  So, for example, if you purchase a calendar for yourself and friend plus have them both mailed, then the total cost would be $21.00 x 2 = $42.00.

The In-Sync Exotics' 2013 calendar makes a terrific are you ready to order your special In-Sync Exotics calendar today?  Yes?  Great!  Here's how you can order:

Click HERE to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express). Credit card payments can be made using our secure PayPal processor, so click on the "Donate" button to start the credit card transaction!

In the "purpose" box, please indicate the number of calendars purchased and where we should ship the calendar(s).  If shipping calendars to more than two destinations, you may have make separate purchases on-line so as to accommodate the text size of the addresses typed in the "purpose" box.

Remember, during the holiday season, mail takes a little longer in reaching its destination, so you'll want to order your calendars before December 16, 2012 so it will arrive before the start of 2013! 

If you want to pay by check, you can mail your calendar payment to:

In-Sync Exotics
PO Box 968
Wylie, Texas 75098

Remember to include the name and shipping address of the calendar(s)' recipient(s)!

And now we return you back to our regularly scheduled blog...


We close today with a really cute video of Jasper!  We hope you'll enjoy it too!

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!


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