Monday, September 12, 2011

A Great Video of Sabu Running and Playing With His Ball!

Our lead keeper, Mak Ledbetter, was able to capture an amazing video of Sabu running and playing with his ball!  We cannot get over how much Sabu's health improved since his arrival back in May of this year!  You may recall, Sabu could barely walk a few steps without falling down. 

But look at him now!  Sabu is now only looking great; he's running again!

Sabu and Jynxie Update:
You may recall last month we introduced Sabu to Jynxie in the hopes the two lions could live a long life together.  Well, some things in life are not mean to be—we had to separate Sabu and Jynxie a couple of days ago because we learned Jynxie was playing too rough with Sabu.  After a several nips on Sabu’s hind quarters and tail, it became obvious that Jynxie was too rambunctious for the older male lion.    

Jynxie was relocated back to her former quarters next to the white male lions where she is once again up to her old antics of teasing the boys and Sabu is happily adjusting to living in his quarters without a cage mate.

While we are disappointed that the two lions could not live happily together, we are relieved that neither cat seems to mind living alone. 

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