Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Am I?

(As of 8:00am Thursday - no winner yet! Remember to submit your answers to our special animal email account below--please include name of the cat along with answers to 2 questions!  Good luck!)

It's time to test your knowledge of In-Sync Exotic residents!

First person to identify and answer two questions about me wins a small prize and bragging rights.  Simply send your response to our special animal email account and if you are the first person to respond to the challenge, you win! 

So, are you ready to figure out who I am? 

Photo Fun

Can you identify me yet?  This is a tough one!

Want a clue?  Go to Our Photo Gallery to identify the cat's picture and then on to Our Residents' webpage for the answers to the questions!

Now for the Questions:

Who am I?
Question #1:  What do I love jumping on?
Question #2:  How much did I weigh upon arrival?

Employees and long time volunteers are not eligible for prizes since you see me all the time!

And remember, I am incomplete without you -- won't you adopt me?

Good luck everyone!

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