Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Is It About Cats And Boxes?

Where do cats get their fascination with destroying boxes?  It really doesn't matter if they are domestic cats or wild cats, boxes are excellent sources of "fun" for the animals!  We hope you enjoy this week's laugh about how cats interact with their cardboard boxes!

And now a demonstration by Tyjar and he destroys his first box!

We Have a New Intern!

Please welcome our new Intern, Beth Cinadr, as she joins us from Lewisville, Texas!  Beth obtained her degree in Biology and is interning at In-Sync Exotics so she can learn more about exotic wild cats.  She says she has a passion for the cats and hopes to some day work as an exotic wild cat keeper or curator.

Beth is already working hard in the kitchen preparing meals for our wild one--what a great way for an Intern to get to know our cats' daily needs!

Saturday was her first official day with In-Sync Exotics, so please extend a warm welcome to our new intern when you see her working for the animals at In-Sync Exotics...

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By the way, today is the last day of the Great Nonprofit Animal Welfare Campaign 2012.  Have you written your review of In-Sync Exotics yet?  No?  Well, you still have some time left!  Please write your review today.

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  1. A cat is a cat no matter what the size!

  2. You are so correct in your cat observation, Loretta! We love them no matter their size or box-crazed inclinations!