Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in Review at In-Sync Exotics!

We've been busy, busy, busy this week!  It's time to catch you up for the week and give you updates on animals.

We started the week by giving our readers a behind the scenes look at how our staff and volunteers prepares meals for our wild ones.  Preparing healthy meals for our animals is a very important job and we truly appreciate our volunteers that come out and work in the commissary each day!  Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice!!

On Tuesday, we thought we’d lighten up the blog with some humor as we contemplated cats and boxes!  No matter the size of the cat, boxes will always hold a special fascination for those crazy cats!  Watch Tyjar as he plays with his first box at In-Sync Exotics!

Wednesday we presented Amol and his very funny nocturnal activities!  If you missed this posting, you just have to click here to see what this tiger likes to do when the sun goes down.

And of course, yesterday, we provided our readers some information about our lions' majestic manes.  Do you know why lions have more “mane” than others?  And why does Sabu have no mane at all?  To learn the answers to these questions, you'll just have to read “Going Mane-less is Cool!”

For those following Katy’s convalesce progress, we have good news to report.  Katy went to her vet this week so he could check on her progress.  Her x-rays revealed that the leg is healing nicely—the joint has closed up partially and we are hoping that in about 3-6 weeks, our Katy girl will no longer be on “house arrest.”  So, in three weeks, Katy will go back to the vet for another appointment to check on her healing progress.  

Vicky will be very relieved once she receives the go-ahead from the vet to allow Katy the run of the sanctuary.  During Katy’s convalesce; Vicky has spent a lot of time chasing after the dog because Katy implores volunteers and visitors, with her puppy dog eyes, to let her out of the office despite her mandatory confinement order.  A stubborn Katy keeps Vicky very active as she is often seen chasing after dog! 

On Monday, Keenan was spotted napping on his favorite 15’ off-the-ground perch.  Keenan is the only cougar who has the courage to climb the 12’ spiral platform, jumping 6’ horizontally and then 3’ vertically to reach this perch!  Not bad, Keenan—not bad at all!  We plan to draw some more blood from Keenan in about three weeks to see how he is doing.  In the meantime, if anyone knows a cardiologist willing to conduct tests on Keenan without anesthesia (due to his heart condition); please contact Vicky Keahey at In-Sync Exotics.
As you may recall, we held our first Spirit Bowling event at Strikz Bowling last Thursday night.  We met a lot of wonderful people at the event, interested in learning more about In-Sync Exotics.  We had a great time explaining our mission to everyone who visited our table and loved showing off pictures of our animals to the amazement of folks who never even heard of In-Sync Exotics.  We are pleased to report that we raised about $167 from the event and we sold several of our beautiful calendars to boot!  Thank you Strikz Bowling for allowing us to have in information table at the event--we had a great time!

There was one particular visitor to the In-Sync Exotics information table that touched Jodi Payson’s heart.  A young boy, about 10 years of age, came over to the table and asked what In-Sync Exotics was all about.  He asked a lot of questions before approaching Jodi to ask her how much one of our calendars cost.  After looking over the calendar, the boy returned to his mother.  A few minutes later, he came back to the table so he could buy the calendar. Bless his heart—as he was paying for it he asked Jodi what his money would go towards and she told him that he was helping to feed a BIG tiger!  Shortly after the boy left our table, his mother came up to Jodi and told her that her son, after learning about In-Sync Exotics, asked if he could use his allowance to by a calendar to help the animals.  It just amazes us how much our animals touch the lives of the young and young at heart! 
~ Important Dates to Remember ~

Today is Raja and Jasmine’s 20th birthday.  Sadly, Raja passed away last year, but Jasmine is still living life to the fullest with her handsome neighbor Okemo.  Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

On February 4th it will be the one year anniversary of Brooks passing.  Brokks was a very special tiger who gave us six wonderful offspring who call In-Sync Exotics' home:  Kiro, Tacoma, Stryker, Abrams, Kazuri, and Harley. 

~ We miss you Raja and Brooks ~

Did you hear?  We are listed as #2 for the Great Nonprofits Top Rated Animal Welfare 2012 Nonprofits!  Big high-five tiger paws and mighty lion roars to everyone who wrote a review about In-Sync Exotics last month!!  Even though the annual challenge is over for now, please do not stop writing your reviews of our organization!  Your reviews matter as contributors often refer to your comments to see how their donations can best support our sanctuary.  So keep ‘em coming, please!

Our Latest Razoo Project -- Big Cats Need Vaccinations!  We'd like to thank everyone who has donated thus far towards this very important health care maintenance program for our animals.  If you wish to donate towards this most worth cause, please visit our Razoo project site!  Thank you!

And finally, Valentine’s Day is in just ten days!  Have you selected your Valentine card and gift for the special people in your life—your sweetie, mother, father, sister, brother, friends, co-workers, and boss (yes, boss—you cannot forget to send a special Aasha or Issac card to the boss, right?)!

Since it takes about 5-7 mail days to receive these beautiful gifts, you'll want to purchase your special cards and gifts today!  We were told by satified shoppers that the cats’ Valentine cards are absolutely adorable!  Visit our on-line Gift Shop today!  

PS.  Proceeds of all gifts goes towards the care and feeding of our beautiful animals.  Thank you! 

All of us at In-Sync Exotics hope you have a roaring great weekend!

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