Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Amol's Nocturnal Habit

Shortly after feeding, just when all the cats begin to settle down for the evening, a large banging sound can be heard coming from Main Street.  First it’s a bang.  Then it’s a thud.  And finally a loud splash emanates from Amol’s quarters.

For the next several hours joyful sounds can be heard from Amol as he engages in his nightly habit of playing with his favorite blue barrel in the tub!

Amol’s evening ritual began shortly after he arrived at In-Sync Exotics on March 22, 2009.  We soon discovered our 12-year old tiger liked to sleep during the day and stay up all night playing around with his favorite toy.  He would wake up right before dinner and explore his quarters, checking out any new “stuff” added to his home while he slept.  Buckets are always interesting diversions, but it’s after dinner when the fun begins…

It's almost dinner time, time to wake up!

"I still have some more explore time before food arrives."

"Gotta look great for the guests!"

"I didn't think they would ever leave!  Now, it's YOU and ME time."

"I've missed you my favorite blue friend..."

"It's time for your bath, you say?  Yep, time to bathe my buddy..."

"Gotta get you nice and clean."

"I can't let you have all the fun my blue friend."

"Life is good when you can spend quality time with your best friend!"

"Hey!  Where's my blue barrel?  Who took away my blue buddy??"

(We are sad to report the demise of Amol's blue barrel)

"Hello, my new best name is Amol.  What's yours?

Amol, like all our cats have unique quirks that make them very special animals.  We hope you can visit Amol on a Night Tour as he often sleeps through the day visits!

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  1. That is just so adorable! The last picture just shows how happy your cats are!

  2. Amol is such an amazing boy! Love the pictures and captions. May Amol and his bucket live happily ever after....

  3. What a goof-ball; must be a long lost relative of some of my domestic kitties here. The crazy things they gravitate to to play with is bewildering.