Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spike's Trip to the Vet

Last Friday, one of our Poetry cougars, Spike, went to see his veterinarian for a check-up.  Spike seemed a little “off his game” as we noticed he walked around on the playground like he was drunk.   We also noticed for some time, Spike liked to rub his ears on objects, such as his enclosure walls or objects in his playground.  What concerned us was his "rubbing" behavior was getting worse.   

So, we packed him up and transported our ailing cougar to the vet where he underwent several tests, including x-rays, blood and fecal.  Surprisingly, all his test results came back normal! 

Thinking maybe he had an inner ear infection, the vet thoroughly examined his ears and discovered no ear issues. Hmmmm.   

We are at a loss to physically explain why Spike has started rubbing his ears on the fence.  We are concerned that he’ll permanently rub off his facial hair if he continues this behavior; he’s just too handsome to have patches of fur missing from his face!   

So all we can do for now is monitor Spike’s condition and if something new develops, Spike will be making another trip to the vet. 

You may recall Spike arrived last summer from a private residence in Poetry, Texas along with Chloe, Kane, Howard and Abel.  Sadly, Kane and Howard passed away not long after relocating to our sanctuary due to terminal health issues and Abel stayed with us for a short time until he relocated to Nevada.   

We are praying there is nothing seriously wrong with Spike.  We are monitoring him very closely and we’ll let you know of any new development.

A “Wobbles” Update

Meanwhile, our little kitty, dubbed “Wobbles” (name changed from "Slipper") is doing much better.  If you have been following us on Twitter, then you already know that Wobbles had multiple seizures over the weekend.  She has been seen by the vet to see if there was anything we could do for her. 

Our vet cannot give her any seizure medications, as he normally prescribes to adult cats, because she is such a young kitty.  He did recommend a very small amount of prescribed Valium to help her relax, but short of that, there is really nothing we can do but be there for her when she seizes.   

We’re not sure if the seizures are the result of an extreme allergy or from a dog who grabbed her by her head with his mouth (we’re leaning towards the dog theory).  All we know is that she’s been having seizures since her arrival at In-Sync Exotics. 

Thanks to her “kitten sitters,” Wobbles has round-the-clock-care with feeding every four hours.  Huge kitten purrs to all the “kitten sitters” who have stayed up through the night with little Wobbles.  She has been through so much in her short life; we just want to make sure she has a safe and secure place where she can recover and hopefully grow out of her seizures.  For now, she has shown great improvement—and we are immensely relieved.  Please say a little prayer for Wobbles as she convalesces under the watchful eyes of her caregivers!   


We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the Easter presents sent to our animals this year!  Thank you all so very much. You should see all the gifts coming in—the animals will be so excited on April 7th!  

Some of the packages received did not have a return address and so we are not sure if you intended to remain anonymous or not.  If you sent a gift and would like your name printed on the item, please e-mail us HERE so we can be sure to identify and “name” the present before we give it out to the animals! 

Ironically, we now have a need for lots of Easter candy for the children’s Easter Egg hunt!  Any candy donation (with the exception of chocolate candies) would be immensely appreciated.  I know, I know, no chocolate—but there is a good reason!  For you see, there is nothing worse than melted gooey chocolate in little plastic eggs that ends up on little tiny hands!  So if you can donate unopened bags of candy (such as individually wrapped marshmallow bunnies, chicks, eggs, small bags of Skittles and/or Sweetarts, Starbursts, and Jelly Beans), please bring them by our office no later than one day prior to the Easter celebration. Rumor has it the Oriental Trading store is having a HUGE sale right now with free shipping with purchase (see site for details). You can either ship the items straight to us or bring the candy in person.  We are very grateful for any kind candy donation! 

Cold-EEZE Share Your Cause

Well, have you voted for us today in the Cold-EEZE $1,000 award?   

No??  What are you waiting for—click on the link below to vote!

From March 19, 2012 through April 1, 2012, Cold-EEZE Facebook fans can cast up to 5 votes per day! So start voting! Let’s do this for Sabu and all the animals that call In-Sync Exotics home, please! The competition is getting heated as we near the finish line.  We may be ahead today, but let's not count our "Easter eggs" until we have reached April 2nd--so keep on voting!

Let us know what your reaction was to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below and don’t forget to share it with your family, friends, and co-workers by using the share buttons below.  

Thank you everyone for your support of In-Sync Exotics—you are truly a blessing to us!

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