Friday, March 30, 2012

Week in Review: It Was A Quiet Week!

This is one of those rare weeks when all is quiet and In-Sync Exotics giving us the opportunity to prepare for our big event in about eight days!  We are overwhelmed with your generosity as animal Easter gifts are still arriving at our front gate!  Our animals are truly blessed by wonderful supporters!  Thank you all very, very much.

So, let's take a look at some of our past weekly happenings:

Monday's posting:  Spring is in the Air!   It's amazing how green our wild animal enclosures look this year!  We've had some great rain that helped "green-up" our sanctuary.  Plus with the new grass rolled out in the cheetah, bobcat, and serval playgrounds, we love watching our wild cats romp  and roll around on their soft grassy carpets!

On Tuesday, we celebrated another amazing rescue celebration for the month of March!  Not only did we celebrate Kahn, Amol, and Apollo's rescue anniversary, but we also celebrated the arrival of three more wild animals, Tobias, Smuggler, and Aasha!  When the three cats first arrived, we were distressed at their physical appearance and concerned for their mental well-being.  You must read about their amazing transformation over the last year or so!

Wednesday's posting was about Spike's trip to the vet. Last Friday, Spike went to see his veterinarian for a check-up as he seemed a little "off his game."  What did the vet discover?  You'll have to read the posting to find out!

Yesterday, as we get prepare for our Easter celebration,  we thought it might be fun to see how well you know our animals!  Surprisingly, not one person attempted to guess the identity of the featured cats!  Was our twist to the "Who Am I" too difficult?  Are folks to shy to post their guesses [tell me it isn't so!]? Please, don't be shy, go ahead and guess--we'll leave this posting open until we have a winner! Volunteers are welcomed to participate in this "Who Am I!"

We'd like to thank Marianne for her suggestion that we add more Aasha gifts to our on-line gift shop and introduce Sheila to our product line.  We can do this!  Keep an eye out for new products featuring these two beautiful cats.

Brittani said she would also like to see more of Smuggler, Aurora, Sam, and Kodi on tank tops and t-shirts.  You got it Brittani!  We’ll get started on some new designs featuring these four wild cats.

In closing this week, everyone at In-Sync Exotics is very grateful to everyone who voted for us in the Cold-EEZE Share Your Cause!  We appear to have a substantial lead this week, but all that could change during the Causes' final week of competition, so please don't stop voting for us now!  Here's the link once again:

We humbly thank you for your support and remember, you can vote five (5) times per day for us!

We hope you'll come out to visit us this weekend as we are expecting great weather! You can find information on tours HERE and driving directions HERE!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to make plans to visit us on April 7, 2012 for our Easter Celebration!!

Update! is having a great sale this weekend in honor of April Fool’s Day (no kidding, the sale is real)…  35% off of all our products!

The discount is good until Sunday night, 11:59 PST.  If you haven't checked out the on-line gift shop in a while, then you are missing out on some very cool new items!  You can get flip flops with the cats on them, just in time for the warmer weather!  Plus hats, tank tops, tote bags, gym bags, and more! 

In order to take advantage of the 30% discount, this is what you’ll need to do:

1. Find the item on our store page that you would like to purchase at

2. Write down or select/copy the product number (ex: Product Number: 030-627415283).  You can also go to and type in the search field “In-Sync Exotics” and search for our products as most of our items are now featured in their CafĂ© Market.

3. Go to and enter the product number minus our store id (030) in the search line at the top of the web page (ex: 627415283). 

4. You should see your desired product and you are now ready to order or order or continue shopping using the same steps above.

Don't forget to enter the coupon code FOOL35 at checkout to receive the 35% discount. In-Sync Exotics will receive 10% of the total sales after the discount!! 

If you have any problems with your on-line order or you simply want to place your order by telephone, you can call Cafepress' friendly customer service representatives at 1-877-809-1659.  Just be sure to have the product number(s) handy when you call.


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