Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Twist to the "Who Am I" Competition!

We are so excited!!  In about nine days we'll be celebrating Easter with the cats!  In an effort to prepare you for the fun, we thought it might be interesting to see how well you know our animals.

Our long-time blog followers will probably recognize most, if not all, the animals pictured below as they were either featured in the blog or you saw their beautiful faces on one of our on-line gift shop products [I know, I know, shameless promotion of the gift shop items--but hey, they're so cute, right?].

Anyway, listed below are 10 exotic wild cats.  We thought of including Nugget in the photo gallery, but we figured his adorable face was just way to recognizable! 

All you have to do is identify correctly the exotic wild cats seen below and then list their names, in order, in the comment box  (not Facebook, please!). 

If you are not signed in as a Google user, you can always select "Anonymous" and simply insert your name in the body of the text, so we can identify the person or persons with the correct answers!

So, let's begin:

Who is wild cat #1?

This beautiful tigeress has been with us since 2003.  She loves playing with her toys, and will run around excitedly whenever she gets a new one. Her favorite game is Hide and Seek, especially if there is a tub of water around.  She is even featured on one of our on-line gift shop products [shameless promotion inserted here]. 

Who is Wild Cat #2?

This little lady was recently featured in one of our blog postings.  Like the tiger shown above, this tigress loves water too!  Can you guess who she is?

Who is Wild Cat #3?

This tigress definitely knows the meaning of "playtime!"  When she was rescued, along with seven other cubs, from an inhumane Texas breeding facility, we discovered she was in poor health and was terrified of everything.  As you can see, she's in great shape and loves life!

Who is Wild Cat #4?

When this handsome lion arrived at In-Sync Exotics, he had difficulty walking.  Today, we loves to run and play with his ball.  His favorite enrichment item is a pizza box filled with horse poo! 

Who is Wild Cat #5?

This zany lion was also featured recently in one of our blog postings and you can see his handsome face on one of our new t-shirts [another shameless plug].  Can you guess who he is?

Who is Wild Cat #6?

Isn't she lovely?  This beautiful bobcat went through a lot before she arrived at In-Sync Exotics; all of her K-9's were worn or ground down and she had obvious cataracts. After a series of x-rays we discovered that she had been shot in her left front leg and blood tests revealed that she was extremely anemic. That was the past--she now has a bright feature with us at In-Sync Exotics!

Who is Wild Cat #7?

Well, if you recognized this lion as one of the "White Boys," then you have a 50% chance of guessing his name correctly!  Our handsome lion did not arrive looking this great.  When he took his first step into his new enclosure we could see immediately that he exhibited obvious signs of starvation including severe ascites which causes a distended belly. His eyes were lifeless, and he had a filthy, dull coat. He had no mane when he arrived and red, bloody sores on either side of his face.  What a difference great food, vet care, and enrichment can do to heal his body and spirit! 

Who is Wild Cat #8?

Like the "White Boys," this lioness went through a lot before she arrived at In-Sync Exotics.  We noticed that she had very little muscle coordination and thus, when she walked, her legs would slip out from under her.   Her head had a heavy tilt to the right so holding it upright was a challenge. Even drinking was almost impossible for her as she could not hold her head above the water bucket. She even had a hard time swallowing her food. She was also underweight, filthy and lethargic. She was in such poor condition that the USDA warned us that we would probably have to euthanize her. But look at her now!!

Who is Wild Cat #9?

This handsome bobcat was re-homed to us in December of last year!  He was voluntarily re-linguished from his previous owners, who took excellent care of him during his early kitten months. This bobcat  was born wild underneath the couple's home in July 2011. Not realizing that a mother bobcat bore a kitten under their home, the couple inadvertently chased off the adult bobcat from the property.  Now this little guy calls In-Sync Exotics home [and his handsome face can be seen on a couple of on-line gift shop items!].

And last, but not least, who is this Wild Cat #10?

This handsome tiger is a loved by many, including just about all of our volunteers!  He was recently featured in our blog posting and his handsome face can be seen in several of our on-line gift shop items!

And now for the bonus question!

Who is this handsome domestic kitty?

This handsome tabby was seen in the November pumpkin bash posting!

Okay, good luck everyone!  We'll announce the names of the individual(s) who guessed the identify of all the cats correctly!

We would like your opinion--which pictures listed above would you like to see on a t-shirt?  If you have a favorite, let us know so we can start working on a new t-shirt design!

We have added some new items to the on-line gift shop and if you are interested in taking advantage of the 30% sale going on right now in the Cafepress' Marketplace, you will want to go to this link:  In the search box, type in "In-Sync Exotics" and look for your desired product.  Coupon code HOOPS30 must be entered at check out. Promotion starts on March 27, 2012, at 12:00 a.m. (PST) and ends on March 29, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. (PST). 

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Thank you again for voting and remember you can vote five (5) times!



  1. The pictures of Sheila and Aasha would be beautiful on any cafe press product! Sheila looks like she's wearing makeup!
    -marianne collins

  2. You got it, Marianne! We'll create products featuring Sheila and Aasha. Thank you very much for your input!

    1. How about some color shirts? White doesn't last very long around our house ;x Pink, Yellow, Blue?

  3. Smuggler and Aurora pretty pleeeaase! Sam and Kodi would be cool too. Tank tops and tshirts would be great since summer is coming up.

  4. OK, I'll give it a go:

    1. Jasmine
    2. Aasha
    3. Nadia?
    4. Sabu
    5. Kahn
    6. Lydia
    7. Shazam
    8. Sheila
    9. Chance
    10. Smuggler

    ~Sheila Frazier

  5. Alrighty -I'll try. #3 is the only one I'm not sure about... as I STILL have problems telling them all apart! You'd think I'd know by know after volunteering for 1 1/2 years!

    1. Kshama
    2. Aasha
    3. Saber
    4. Sabu
    5. Kahn
    6. Lydia
    7. Jazz
    8. Sheila
    9. Chance
    10. Smuggler
    Bonus = Franklin

    P.S. -I just wanna squish and smooch all their faces! -But not literally... Just an expression. I value my face. hahaha


  6. Ohhhh, this is hard!

    1. Kashama
    2. Aasha <3
    3. Emma
    4. Sabu
    5. Aramis
    6. Lydia
    7. Shazam
    8. Sheila
    9. Issac
    10 Smuggie
    Franklin the Love Bug

    CACC, Annette Creekmore

  7. hmmmm....

    #1 Kashama
    #2 Aasha
    #3 Emma
    #4 Sabu
    #5 Aramis
    #6 Lydia
    #7 Jazz
    #8 Shiela
    #9 Chance
    #10 Smuggler
    plus Franklin

  8. Kshama, Aasha, Nadia, Sabu, Kahn, Lydia, Jazz, Sheila, Chcnce, Smuggler, Franklin.

  9. How about Apollo? And black, red or Navy t-shirts would be goood.

  10. how about plaster imprints of the cats paws as something to sell.