Monday, April 16, 2012

The Best Kept Secret in Texas!

One particular comment we heard over and over again at the Easter Celebration was that "In-Sync Exotics was the best kept secret in town."  

Oh, no!  Say it isn't so!  

Don't you think it's time for In-Sync Exotics to be nationally recognized for the great care it provides its wild cats--care that no other sanctuary can or will provide certain animals because of their advanced age or serious health condition?  If you are nodding your head yes, then we can certainly use your help now!

On June 14, Razoo is hosting a special event called Twive and Receive.  Twive and Receive is a 24-hour online giving competition where communities across America will compete to win $30,000 in award money.  In-Sync Exotics will be representing the Wylie, Texas community and we will be fundraising using Twitter, Facebook, this blog and other electronic media.

The fundraising competition will be held simultaneously across the United States for 24-hours on June 14th, starting at 12:00AM Pacific Time (3:00AM Eastern Time)! The top three nonprofits that raise the most money get a share of the $30,000 award.

In order to get ready for this event, we need all our supports to help us boost our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blog membership.  Please support us by asking your friends and family to "like us" on Facebook,  follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and follow us on our blog!  We need to let as many people know as possible about our mission to care for these very special animals in order to be ready for theTwive and Receive event.  Can you help us?

We love your comments!  Please comment on our videos, blog, Facebook, and retweet our tweets to others.  The more you comment, the more people will be talking about us.  So don't be shy, we know our readers love to express how much they love our animals based on all the wonderful comments we received from our visitors.  Now is the time to speak up and say " Yes! I support In-Sync Exotics!"

By working together, we can make this the best year ever for the animals of In-Sync!  So post, tweet, and comment about our animals to your heart's delight and don't forget to encourage others to do so!

It's time that the "best kept secret in Texas" becomes publicly known for the great care it gives its animals!      

To measure our campaign success, this is where we stand today:

Facebook followers:  4,094
Blog followers:  31 people
Twitter followers:  293
In-Sync Exotics' Youtube Channel subscribers:  102

We hope to significantly increase our social media followers, but we cannot do this without your help. This is great way for you to help us care for our animals, so please post, tweet, blog, and email everyone you know about our sanctuary so we can raise enough money to place in one of the top three positions of the competition, thereby earning an additional share of the $30,000 reward!

So what do you say?  Are you in it for the animals?  



  1. Yes...I'm in for the animals!!!

    1. Yea! So are we! Anyone else for In-Sync Exotics' animals out there? Don't be shy...

  2. I'm in for it! Now time to contact everyone in my family... hmmmm.... is that 30 people? More? :)