Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rose Isn't Simply A Rose

When you work or volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary, you realize it’s the smallest things you notice—a bobcat cat hiding in her den, tiger scat looking a little “off”, or maybe the swimming pool water level looks a tad bit low—that sort of thing.  Our cats cannot come out and tell us what they want or desire, so we have to watch for the smallest clues they send us.

So it wasn’t surprising when Vicky  notice something beautiful when spending some time with Jasmine—Raja’s rose bush has one small yellow rose bud growing.  Now this may not seem significant to you, after all roses tend to grow bud flowers;  and yet, this little rose bud is significant to us because it means that, despite the loss of our beloved Raja, life still goes on. 

Shortly after Raja passed away, we planted this small yellow rose bush in his honor.  Next week will mark six months since Raja quietly passed away.    

For those of you who are new to our blog, beloved Raja and his sister Jasmine, arrived at In-Sync Exotics on February 3, 2003, and for the next 8+ years, both cats flourished under our care.   
Raja is survived, not only by Jasmine, his sister, but his offspring, Samu and Tyjar.  Raja, Jasmine, Tyjar and Samu came from the same drive-thru animal park that was subsequently closed years later due to inhumane living conditions for its animals.  Raja was also the father of Vicky's beloved Kenya (her first tiger) and Midas—both whom were obtained from the same animal park—and lived with us for many years before they passed away.

Seeing this tiny rose bud reminded us all the great times we had with Raja as he was such an out-going, life-loving tiger.

Here is a short video of Raja and Mak, or leadkeeper, enjoying a little fun time together just last year.  This video was taken shortly after Raja was diagnoised with renal failure. 

And here are a few beautiful pictures of Raja:

So, you see...
 One simple rose bloom reminds us that love never dies...
Raja will always be with us.
~ Rest in peace, Raja, rest in peace ~
February 3, 1992 - October 23, 2011


  1. He truly was a beautiful majestic cat!

  2. What a magnificent animal and clearly one so loved by those around him!