Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Week in Review!

It has been rather quiet at In-Sync Exotics this week, now that our first major fundraising event is over.  Already we are setting our sights on our next big event--our Birthday Bash!  Thankfully, the BB takes place in June, so we have some time to prepare for our big birthday party!

We are hoping to have another great turn out, like we did for the Easter Celebration, so we are reviewing what went great and what could stand some improvement.

A frequent comment we heard through out the event was that In-Sync Exotics is the best kept secret in Texas!  What??  We don't want to be a secret (would like to to be the best, however), so we asked for your help in Monday's blog posting, to spread the word about In-Sync Exotics via our blog (share & comment), Twitter (tweet), Facebook (share & comment), and YouTube (subscribe and comment).    We noticed we have several new Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube subscribers, however, our blog subscription number remained the same.   Thank you everyone who helped spread the word about In-Sync Exotics!

Odds are most people are coming to the blog from our other social media sources.  However, if you ever decide you want to receive your own blog posting sent directly to your email box, then please subscribe!  Also, you do not have to have a YouTube channel or post videos to YouTube in order to receive our latest video posting via email.  If you subscribe to our channel, you will automatically receive an email announcing we've posted a great new video to our channel!

Tuesday's blog updated our readers on Keenan and Okemo's health condition plus showed a bonus video of what we see and hear when we feed our cheetahs!  All four cats are adorable and doing well, despite their on-going health issues.

We noticed that our readers are a little shy, as no one gave a "shout out" as to whom was their favorite animal at In-Sync Exotics!  Please don't be shy--we'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday was all about the feral and stray cats that call our cities, suburbs, and farms home.  Can an adult feral be tamed?  Are feral kittens easy to handle?  Well, you'll just have to ready our blog posting to find out! 

To our surprise, little Wobbles has a fan club!  We receive messages on our social media pages asking for more information/updates on little Wobbles!  The good news is, Wobbles has been seizure-free for several weeks now.  Bad news is, we may have created a Wobble Monster!  Don't believe this sweet little kitty can become an attack cat?  Well, you'll just have to see her for visit Wednesday's blog posting today!

Working and volunteering at animal shelters can be one of the toughest jobs out there, especially when it comes to saying good-bye to animals that we have become attached to over the years.  Often it's the littlest things that remind us of how precious life is and the important of living, loving, and enjoying life to the fullest.  Thursday's posting was about one such tiny reminder as we look back at the 6-month passing of Raja.  Our beautiful tiger may not be with us physically, but he will always be with us in spirit--he will never be forgotten.

It's been awhile since we've provided a Nugget health update.  Our long-time readers may recall that Nugget went to the vet to be treated for a really bad rash.  The little dear was doing great for awhile, but the rash came right back--with a vengeance!  Why you ask?

Well, unfortunately Nugget refuses to take his medication, so we will have to administer expensive bi-weekly long-lasting antibiotic shots ($250 a piece) for about a month.  We are hoping this new treatment will nip this problem, once and for all!  If you would like to make a contribution towards Nugget's medication, please visit our donation page and in the comment box let us know the gift is for Nugget's care.  Thank you!


Our Wild Cats are Ready for Their Close-up Shots... Are you Ready to Capture Their Gorgeous Images on Film?

In-Sync Exotics is excited to offer professional and amateur photographers the opportunity to photograph our exotics wild animals in a natural and semi-natural background. Capture those special moments as our wild ones splash in their pools, play with their toys on the playground, or just coming up to greet you, up close and personal!

We cater to small groups with only 15 reservations available for the spring, summer, and fall photo shoots; however, we must have at least 10 people scheduled in order for the private photography session to take place.

Our spring photo session is scheduled for April 29, 2012 from 7:30am – 12:00pm.

What to expect during your photography shoot

All participants will receive an orientation prior to breaking out into small groups with two volunteer animal caretakers per group. Our goal is to allow you to photograph our animals without the double barrier hindering your view. If you have professional photo equipment you can focus past single cage wire if the cat is far enough from the side of the enclosure. If you are using amateur photo equipment, you may have single cage wire in some of your photographs.

Our animals always come first—we do not force our animals to perform, but allow them to act naturally in their own environment. If one of our cats is not in the mood to be photographed (for instance hiding in her den), then the small group will have to move on to the next animal. Some of our smaller cats can be rather shy and elusive, so we cannot guarantee you will get a great shot of all our wild ones, but we will give it our best effort to quietly encourage our shy ones to come out and greet you!

This event is by appointment only. Please email Lynne for info on availability, waiting list, payment options and details about the shoot.
The cost for the private photo shoot tour is $100 per photographer. Prices and terms subject to change without notice.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to take some fabulous photos of our animals! With the weather a little cooler in the mornings, we feel confident that you will walk away with some of the most amazing pictures of our animals waking up and playing! So sign up today and we’ll see you on April 29, 2012!

Well, we hope you enjoyed this week's blog postings--stay tuned next week for some more great articles on our wild ones!  Until then, be safe, and have a wonderful weekend.  We hope to see you soon!



  1. OK, I'll favoriteS are: Sheila (of course!), Sabu, Smuggler & Aasha.....oh, and Mohan......AND Franklin!! WAIT.....LOVE the White Boys, too! It is so hard, because they are all so incredibly unique and wonderful in their own ways!


    1. You are so right, Sheila! They are all very special in their own individual ways... It's hard to pick just one favorite!