Monday, April 30, 2012

"I'm Ready for My Close-Up!"

Yesterday, our wild cats awoke and found themselves the center of attention for nine photographers ready to capture amazing shots of them waking up, stretching, and just simply looking adorable. 

Lynne Travis, organizer and hostess of the Big Cat Photo Shoot at In-Sync Exotics, provided us details of this fun and exciting event!

Hello Cat Tale Blog Readers!

The Big Cat Photo Shoot went very well. All participants and volunteers showed up in time and were eager to get the ball rolling.  Thankfully, we had a great day for the photographers and everyone was anxious to capture those special moments when the cats first wake up and start moving around.  Fortunately, it was cool in the morning and the cats were curious to check-out the newcomers.

There were 9 photographers, plus 1 assistant and 8 volunteers to help chaperon.  All the cats were amazing and none of the cats appear stressed with all the cameras and people around them..

Samu was a show stopper early in the A.M. as she strut her stuff while playing on the Tiger Country playground. Kahn and Sheila hammed it up for the cameras.  Then Kahn played air guitar with his back leg for the photographers entertainment while Sheila batted her gorgeous eyes and posed for everyone on them playground. 

Jynxie's showed everyone how cute she was with her plastic Easter egg, while the White Boys posed regally on top of their dens--ready for their majestic close ups. 

Smuggler and Aasha played for the photographers but both got a bit wary with so many cameras pointed at them, so we moved on.

Trooper and Tobias ran around the playground and posed with an enrichment box.  We were even able to capture the antics of our servals as their curiosity got the best of them; desiring  to see what all the hubbub was going on around them so early in the morning.

Tyjar showed one group of photographers the art of tearing up a pizza box,  while Cherokee did the same with Chloe watching her from the top of her den.

Mama Mercedes greeted the photographers with matriarch elegant poses and purrs.  Freddie sat high on perch in his enclosure looking lazily at his audience. They loved every minute of him.

Harley chased his balls and explored the playground while Kazuri tried his hardest to look cute by hugging his ball close to his body, trying to get everyone to notice him; and boy did it work. All of the photographers were taking his picture and he was up to his cute antics once he got a pizza box sprayed with Obsession!!! He was so excited to receive so much attention, that he was worn out  and ready to take a nap!

All in all the photographers, volunteers and cats seemed to enjoy themselves.  We are asking for the volunteers that helped at this event and the photographers to email me their feedback so we can make improve the next event.

I'd like to thank the following volunteers for helping with this event:

Ricki Hart
Ron Morrill
Ashley Calandro
Glenda Baugher
Kim Morris
Tabetha Fant
Katherine Cotton-Wood
Joe Bragg

Thank you all for your assistance during the Big Cat Photo Shoot--you guys were great!  Also, thanks to Joe, we have some photos of the event to share with you!  Enjoy! - Lynnne

If any of the photographers would like to showcase their photos on this blog, please email your special photos to us at this email address.  We would love to see and share your masterpieces that you are most proud of!

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We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting and will join us again tomorrow for more news and updates on our wild ones!  Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!

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