Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Weekly Recap of the Week's Events!

It's hard to believe that another week has passed at In-Sync Exotics!  Time is flying by so fast.  So, let's recap this week's happenings at our sanctuary:

On Monday, we covered our special photography event that was held on Sunday.  Our wild cats were the center of attention for nine photographers who were ready to capture some amazing shots of them waking up, stretching, playing, and just simply looking adorable.  We plan to announce another special photography event very soon, so if you couldn't attend our spring photography event, perhaps you can attend the summer event!  Stay tuned for more information.
Hello Jasper!!

On Tuesday, we welcomed a new bobcat to our family!  At first, we thought the wild cat was a girl, so we named her "Faith."  As it turned out, Faith was actually a boy!  So now we have a little Jasper.  Please welcome Jasper to the In-Sync Exotics' family!

It's been awhile since we featured our cougars at play, so on Wednesday we rolled out a couple of humerous videos of Sahara playing.  For a senior cougar, Sahara still has a lot of spunk!

We are praying for you, Spike!
Yesterday we challenged our readers with a Fact or Fiction cat quiz.  Domestic cats have been around humans for thousands of years, so it is little wonder that there are some interesting facts and stories about these amazing little animals! 

If you've been following our Twitter feed, then you already knew Spike has been feeling poorly as of late.  Today, Spike is being seen by Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine vets. Hopefully, we'll receive positive news about Spike's health condition.  Until then, please say a little prayer for our Spike's safe return from College Station.

Now for some updates:

Isn't she lovely wearing
her doggie backpack?
Thanks to Sheila F., Katy, our working dog, now sports a stylish doggie backpack so she can deliver meat treats and other supplies, in comfort, to the keepers!  Thank you Sheila for your kind donation!  As you can see, Katy is already using her new backback to deliver meaty treats!

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All orders must be made from the CafePress Marketplace, not from the on-line In-Sync Exotics' gift shop.  If you see an item you want from our store, look for the product number (located above the Facebook "like" button) and enter the number (minus the 030 in front of the product number) into the search field at  Your item should appear and you are now ready to make the purchase!  Don't forget to enter the coupon code at checkout for the discount!. 

Did you hear?  In-Sync Exotics is now open Thursday - Sunday!  For tour information, please click here!  Now that the weather is warm, our frisky cats are enjoying their tubs and pools!

Well, this concludes another busy week at In-Sync Exotics.  We hope you've enjoyed our fun and educational posting this week and will join us again for more wild cat antics, featured only here--your In-Sync Exotics' blog!


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