Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beware! Cougar at Play!

It's been awhile since we've featured one of our cougars, so we'd thought you might enjoy a couple of videos of Sahara  "at play."  Since most of our cougars are considered "seniors", we don't expect them to run and jump around like the younger cats.  Their "play" is a little more...reserved!

Earlier this week, Sahara, our 12-year old cougar, was facinated with the green "tube-tunnel" on the playground.  She played around the tunnel and eventually claimed it for her own, to the chagrin of two other cougars living with her, Sassy and Mercedes.  We captured those moments on video just for you!  To thoroughly enjoy the presentations, please click on the video window expand [  ] button found on the bottom right side of the video frame so you can read the text!
First, the video of Sahara at play!

And now a video of Sahara guarding her new toy from Sassy (far left cougar) and Mercedes (cougar walking behind the new toy)!

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Thank God for my enrichment toys and In-Sync Exotics!


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