Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet Our Soccer Champions!

Our exotic wild cats love playing with their enrichment toys--especially our lions!  Did you know that our lions have secretly been playing soccer in the hopes of making it to the 2013 World Cup Soccer in Brazil?  It's true!  Check out our hidden secret video of the lions practicing their soccer skills!

With a lot more practice, our lions could be serious contenders for next year's soccer games!  

Your kind donations of enrichment balls keeps our lions in tip top shape, so please consider gifting our lions some enrichment balls for their Annual Birthday Bash!  You can be sure, your gifts will keep our lions in shape and hone their natural soccer skills for our upcoming soccer competitions!  Thank you!!

Vicky, Kiro, and Hollie Brown
Thank you so much!
Mighty roars of thanks to Enterprise Holdings Foundation for gifting $2500.00 to In-Sync Exotics!  Hollie Brown awarded us with this amazing gift on Friday and we are truly grateful for their generosity -- thank you so much!!  

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