Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

Out of the mouths of babes!  This adorable video of our leopards taken by a young child will make your day.  We are absolutely amazed how young ones love to watch and learn about our cats--especially when it comes to our two spotted leopards, Java and Jett!

You can hear in the background the children discussing Java and Jett--are they cougars?  Is Jett a jaguar?  How about Java?  Is he a black panthar?

We get these type of questions all the time! 

Jett loves his enrichment bags filled
with cinnamon!
Jett is a yellow-spotted leopard and leopards are considered the smallest of the big "4" wild cats (lion, tiger, and jaguar; excluding ligers and tigons). Often he is confused with a jaguar, because of his coloring and spots. But if you take a closer look at these two cats, you'll see they are actually quite different.  

Here is a side-by-side comparison between leopards (Jett) and Jaguars:

If you'll notice, Jaguars have "spots" within their darker, thicker spots (also known as rosettes) plus they have  larger heads and muscular-looking bodies.  Our leopards are sleaker and very graceful in their movements. 

Java loves flowers!

Java is a black spotted leopard, often called "black panthers," and he has a recessive gene that makes his coat look solid black (occurs in black colored jaguars too). Although they may at first look solid black, his spotted pattern is visible from the right angle.

A black colored jaguar

Java is not to be confused with the black colored jaguar seen here. 

Java (l) and Jett (r)
Don't you agree that we have very handsome leopards!  We'd love for you to meet Java and Jett in person--so make tracks to In-Sync Exotics for our annual birthday birthday bash where our two special cats will receive their birthday presents!

We still have a few more "shipping" days left if you are interested in purchasing a birthday gift for a wild ones!  Please click HERE for our wishlist! 

Many purrs of thanks to our generous gift givers -- the boxes are arriving daily and we are very excited about seeing our cats' reactions to their birthday presents this year!  There will definitely be a lot of pictures and videos of the Birthday Bash polsted to the blog after the event.  We are overwhelmed with your generosity and we humbly thank you on behalf of the cats and Nugget!

So?  What did you think of today's posting of our handsome boys?  We'd love to hear from you!   Oh, and don't forget to click on one of the reaction buttons below. And always, don't forget to share your favorite blog postings with family, friends, and co-workers!

We close today's blog with just a few more pictures of our rather shy leopards!

Looking good Jett!

Java wants to know if you see his spots!

"Okay people, enough with the camera!"

Lazy summer days!

Exercise time!  "Nothing to see here people--move on!"

"Finally!  I can hide from the camera!"

Darn!  You found me!


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