Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Weekly Round-up!

Yea!  TGIF!  Another busy week of reporting In-Sync Exotics' happenings has come to a close!  For those of you who missed this week's postings, let's get you all caught up!

Jyxie loves playing with her
enrichment balls!
On Monday, we did a little spoof of our lions, Jynxie, Sabu, and Shazam, practicing their paw actions for the 2013 World Soccer Cup Series!  Our lions are just too cute as they prepare for the soccer competition!

We also gave a huge lion roar shout out to Enterprise Holdings Foundation for their donation of $2500!  Hollie Brown came out to In-Sync Exotics personally to present us with the check!!  Thank you very much Enterprise Holdings Foundation!  Our animals and staff truly appreciate the gift! 

Click HERE to read Monday's blog posting!

Chemyn preparing enrichment
boxes for the lions!

On Tuesday, we asked the question, do you know who Chemyn is?  In case you didn't know, Chemyn is on our board of directors and is a very active member--she's the one who posts the Caption Contest photos and answers your questions each day on Facebook PLUS she's responsible for....  Click HERE to ready Tuesday's blog posting!

Do you like spotted leopards?  Can you tell the difference between a spotted leopard and a jaguar?  If you answered yes to both questions, then chances are you read Wednesday's blog (else you just REALLY love spotted leopards)!  We started Wednesday's posting with a video taken by a young one who was on tour giving a running commentary of our leopards.  Too cute!  Then we showed you a different side of our spotted leopards, Java and Jett!  To see the video and to learn more about Java and Jet, click HERE!

Razoo's Twive and Receive
Yesterday we announced an exciting national competition where In-Sync Exotics was chosen to represent Wylie, Texas (and the surrounding areas). 

Many of you have already donated to our causes on Razoo once or twice before and we profusely thank you!  This mid-year fundraiser is very important because this is the time of year when donations start to "dry up" some.  As you know, our operation is 24/7, which means we still have to pay the feed bills, the vet bills, the medicine bills, etc throughout the year.  Supporting events such as this will help us pay these bills.  Please consider making a kind donation of $10 or more on June 14th starting at 2:00am CST.  This special event will only last for 24-hours and then it's over! 

We cannot help but think, wouldn't it be a great birthday surprise if we were able to share in the $30k prize monies!  So please, let your friends, family, and co-workers know about this special Razoo project by any means possible (ie. Facebook, Twitter, email, telephone, carrier pigeon).  A great showing in the Razoo competition will provide us with publicity that money simply cannot buy and help put In-Sync Exotics and Wylie, Texas in front of the national stage! 

So let's get pumped up and do this for the animals of In-Sync Exotics!!  You can see our Razoo web page by clicking HERE.  Remember, do not donate until June 14th so every dollar will be counted towards the prize money!  Thank you!

Hidden Treasure!!

If you are lucky enough to live close to us, then you will find this next fundraiser very interesting!  Our local Walmart Supercenter, located at 2050 North Highway 78, Wylie, TX 75098, confirmed that we can host our garage sale at this location! Thank you Walmart!

Here's how it will work: On June 8th (Friday), from 9am to 9pm, you can drop off gently used or new donations at this Walmart store location. In-Sync Exotics' volunteers will price the items and load them into a box truck, where the items will be stored overnight.
Then on June 9th (Saturday), from 7am to 9pm our garage sale will take place. We will also continue to accept donations of items for the sale up until noon that same day. So come on out and support In-Sync Exotics by attending our special event at the Wylie's Walmart Supercenter. You never know, you just might find hidden "treasure" at our garage sale!

We are super excited because on June 16th we will be holding our annual Birthday Bash!  Be sure to make plans to attend this special event and don't forget your camera as you will undoubtedly be disappointed if you miss taking pictures of our wild ones going crazy over their new birthday presents!

We hope you enjoyed this week's In-Sync Exotics' happenings!  We are open for Tours Thursday - Sunday (click HERE for tour information).  Be sure to come back on Monday for more great stories from our sanctuary.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Posted later in the afternoon:

We are making great progress on our new cheetah habitat!

No promises, but it the weather is agreeable, we may be holding a Grand Opening ceremony in July or early August!


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