Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Cats Love to Play on Their Playgrounds!

The big cats’ 8,000 square feet playgrounds are designed to let our animals gain access to a connecting play area in a kind of time-share arrangement and offers visitors a closer look at exotic cats behaving like exotic cats.

The following video is what a typical big cat rotation onto the playground looks like:

Great animal care means providing for animals' physical and psychological welfare. These rotations really allow them that kind of stimulation. The rotation system puts animal well-being first and foremost, giving the cats opportunities to smell and explore the markings left by other cats on platforms, barrels, and lots of enrichment toys.

Harley LOVES the playground's pool!

Some cats prefer, especially during the summer, to play at night on the playground, where they can take a lazy soak in the pool.  While other big cats just love to lounge on the platform, enjoying the breeze as the sun slowly sets in the West.

The White Boys LOVE to lounge around on their playground!

Now, we don’t let all the animals that share a playground out at one time, simply because there would be a danger of the animals harming one another. Rotation and scheduling animals for enrichment can be challenging at times—especially when cat(s) refuse to rotate off the playground. Some volunteers liken it to air traffic control because we rotate the cats four times a day, giving our cats 5-7 hours of playground time. We have to be increasingly vigilant, double and triple-checking all our procedures before we release a cat onto the playground.  That is why it takes a minimum of two people to rotate cats--ensuring the cats' safety is paramount!

   Kazuri relaxing & waiting his turn                  Kazuri relaxing on the playground!
   to enter the playground!

Our big cats benefit from the playground rotation because if gives them the stimulation of a new perspective. The cats really look forward to their time on the playground—doubly excited if the playground rotation happens to fall on the same day the cat receives enrichment!

Stryker LOVES sleeping on the grass--enjoying a soft breeze!

Even though we’ve shown this video once before, it’s a great example of how excited a big 22-year old big cat gets when it’s his turn to go onto the playground!

The majority of the cats that call In-Sync Exotics never had large playgrounds, complete with pools, and stimulating enrichment "toys," until they came to us.  To see Sabu run with excitement across a portion of the playground towards his special enrichment, brings a lot of joy to those who have been taking care of him.  So while maintaining the playgrounds can be hard work (mowing, edging, raking, bagging, cleaning pools & enrichment toys, etc.), for our cats, it's all worth the efforts!

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We humbly thank you in advance on behalf for helping our beautiful cats stay happy and healthy!
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