Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Are Upon Us!

B-I-N-G-O Night Was A Blast!

We'd like to thank the folks who attended our very first BINGO as we raised $605 for the animals!  Eight games were played and we gave out eight prizes to the lucky winners.  The prizes were:

1) Picture frame and ISE magnet
2) Popcorn Maker
3) Cook Book
4) $25 gift card to either Target, Home Depot, Maggianos, or Chli's
5) ISE t-shirt
6) ISE backpack
7) Tiger or leapord print blanket (donated by Jodi Payson)
8) Voucher for 1 person (worth $125) to play in our golf tournament (Donated by Glenda Baugher--HUGE THANK YOU!!!)

The room we rented for the night was located right next to the bar. The hotel provided us with a waiter who took everyone's food and drink orders. For each game we made the theme of the bingo card ISE related (For example: for game 1 everyone had to make a T for tiger on their bingo card... L, B, C, and S. The rest consisted of an X, the perimeter of the card, and the last game was blackout. 

Everyone seemed to have had a great time and were eager to know when the next Bingo night was going to take place.  A big thank you to Kim Morris for arranging the event location for us and to Jodi's friend Hailey for helping her with the event!  Two lions paws up and roars of approval to Jodi Payson for putting this event together!  We will keep you posted when we schedule or next B-I-N-G-O night for adults only and perhaps one for the entire family.

Update on the Cheetah Habitat -- Your Donations at Work!

The next construction phase of the cheetah habitat is going well.  The concrete frames are in place -- it's time to pour the concrete!

Franklin supervising the work!

Help In-Sync Exotics with the Dog Days Charity Sweepstakes!

About iGive  Sweepstakes Rules 
We have another exciting way for you to help the animals of In-Sync Exotics and it won't cost you a penny but may yield dollars for our animals!

Become an iGive member (it's free), try the Button for a day, and you'll grow the prize $1 and give your cause another chance to win. 

The iGive Button automatically makes sure every time you shop, you'll help.  Ten charities will win a share of over $4,536 (raised so far).  Help us win a share of the prize by getting the iGive button!

With Christmas just around the corner, what I great button to have handy for your internet holiday shopping!  Shop and compare prices between a wide variety of name brand stores, shops, and fantastic boutiques--from home improvement to clothes to pet products and gifts!  When you shop on-line with iGive, we receive a percentage of the sale.  There's 1103 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen.

You can even keep track of how much In-Sync Exotics receives from iGive by clicking on the iGive cause tab.  So far this year we received $48.49.  Let's see if we can't bump this number up a bit this year!  Thank you for shopping using iGive!

Here's the link:

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting and will join us again tomorrow for more news and updates on our wild ones! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!


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