Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Cats Give Us 4 Paws of Approval!

Time for a medical update on our three cats that went to the vet last Friday!

What a "patient" cat!

Gideon, our new bobcat, really doesn't mind seeing his vet as this was his second examination.  This time, Gideon was micro-chipped, received his vaccines, and had some blood drawn.   He was such a good boy as he waited for his turn to see the vet!

Hello Spirit!
As we suspected, our two domestic cats, Spirit and Sketcher, were diagnosised with upper respiratory infection.  The cats have been on medication for about five days and already their health has improved!  We pray both cats make a speedy recovery!

Naughty Franklin!

On Tuesday we mentioned Franklin was often seen in the cheetah habitat area, visually supervising our work progress.  We hoped he wouldn't leave his "seal of approval" in the fresh concrete (think paw prints people)!  But true to his nature, our little Franklin did indeed give his "seal of approval" in the fresh concrete...

The cheetah's new quarters now has a lot of tiny cat prints scattered throughout the concrete pad.  Silly Franklin!  Always checking out our work--at least we have four paws of approval for our efforts!

Let's take a look at the cheetahs' brand new quarters area still under construction:

Cheetahs' habitat without concrete (front)
and with concrete (back)!

Cheetahs' quarters with concrete pad!

We are so excited with the progress we've made on our Cheetahs' Race Track Habitat.  We cannot wait for the day when we finally have our grand opening ceremony!

Open, open, open...

By the way, did you know that we are open for tours on Labor Day!  For tour information, please click here!

Commercial Time...

Putting for Paws!

Have you visited our Putting for Paws Golf Tournament webpage yet? Well if you haven't, then you don't know what you're missing! Last year, we were able to raise a little over $7,000 for the animals, thanks to the golfers, kind sponsors and donors! This year, with your help, we hope to raise over $10,000 for the animals! Click HERE for details!

Only 2 days left for....

Please don't forget to participate in this great event! Click HERE for details! It's free and will only take about a minute or so to fill out the comment box... can you spare a minute or so for our animals, please? If you helped our animals by filling out the Razoo comment box, please share the link with your friends, family, and co-workers--let's really let Razoo know how much our animals are loved! 

We close today's blog posting with a cute video of a tiger's love for water...enjoy!

We humbly thank you in advance on behalf for helping our beautiful cats stay happy and healthy!  We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting and will join us again tomorrow for more news and updates on our wild ones! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!

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  1. Gideon blends RIGHT IN to that bench. And ZOMGHE'S SO CUTE *diezandizded*