Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Fun!

Last Sunday, we held our 1st Annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash! Despite the cold weather [brr-- 38 degrees in the morning], over 300 people showed up for this special event. We'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported our cats!

As promised, here is the slide show presentation of our 1st Annual Fall Festival & Pumpkin Bash...enjoy!


And now for some pumpkin fun details...

We were really surprised by Tjar's reaction to his pumpkin; he was so excited, bouncing around like a puppy dog, making it difficult for us to place the pumpkin in his quarters.  A decoy pumpkin was taken to another part of his quarters in the hopes he would leave the gate, so Vicky could place his pumpkin inside.  Thankfully, the decoy pumpkin worked and Vicky was able to introduce Tyjar to his very first pumpkin treat!  As soon as Tyjar heard the pumpkin's blunk sound, he ran over to it with this huge smile on his face.  He grabbed the pumpkin and jumped on top of his den, where he started chewing it.  At one point, the pumpkin fell off the den.  Without missing a beat, Tyjar pounced on the pumpkin once more and resumed attacking it--totally enjoying the moment!

We were also surprised by Shira's reaction to her little pumpkin [although in retrospect, we shouldn't have been surprised as she loves vegetables].  Shira tore into her pumpkin like a monkey on a cupcake taking out huge chunks and eating them with gusto!  Amazing!  Shira ate the entire pumpkin in no time flat!

Jynxie and Sabu also had a great time with their pumpkins.  After a little play time with her pumpkin, Jynxie carried hers into the den.  Meanwhile, Sabu took his pumpkin out to the center of the playground, making sure everyone saw him as he posed for the cameras!

Interesting enough, Aramis was a little shy with his least until the crowds left.  We think he was a little intimidated by all the people watching him, for once everyone left, he had a great time with his new "toy!"

Chloe, our cougar, really enjoyed her pumpkin as she was seen chasing it around on the playground!

All in all, the cats enjoyed their treats and we hope our guests did too!

Sox Goes to the Vet--Again

We noticed Sox started drinking a lot of water and so we thought it prudent to take him to the vet because, as you may recall, Sox is hyperthyroid.  Sox underwent numerous blood tests and we are still waiting for the results.  Our vet thinks Sox may have had a negative reaction to his thyroid medication.  So he is checking his blood to see what his kidney and thyroid function levels look like.

If Sox is having a negative reaction to his medication, then we plan to take him to Trinity Mills Speciality Center where he will undergo treatment. We will keep you posted on Sox's condition--in the meantime, please say a little prayer for our boy...

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