Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Week in Review!

As another week comes to a close, we are reminded at just how blessed we are to have wonderful fans and donors who support our beautiful animals!  As usual, it's time to re-cap the weekly news events and add a little something extra for our fans to enjoy!

On Monday, we posted a special Who Am I teaser picture, testing our fans and volunteers knowledge of our special featured cougar.  The first person who correctly identified of our cougar plus answered the two fill in the blank questions was Colleen Butler!

"My name is Spike. I used to live in Poetry TX in a barn.
As far as we know he had never been outside that barn and was easily spooked once he was."

Colleen Butler is one of our board directors who really knows her cougars! Congratulations, Colleen!  Your small prize is "in the mail!" [wink wink]  Click HERE to read Monday's blog posting!

Are you a cougar person?  If you are, then you're going to love Tuesday's blog posting!  Janis Danner wrote her second installment of Cat-o-tonic History Lessons on cougars and their myth roles in history!  It's a great posting with an opportunity to request Cerella's ringtone!  To read Tuesday's blog posting, please click HERE!

Last Sunday we held our 1st Annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Bash for the Cats!  Thanks to our event's photographer, Kelli, Malone, we have some great pictures to show you of the cats receiving their pumpkins!  To read Wednesday's posting and watch the special event's slideshow, click HERE!

As a bonus, here is a short video of Chloe playing with her pumpkin!

Yesterday, we introduced a humongous red barrel to our tigers!  We have a few videos of their reactions to their new toys that were placed in their playgrounds--a must watch!  Plus we provided an update on Sox's medical condition!  Click HERE for the videos and the important update!

Our fans have spoken!  We are a Top-Rated Nonprofit for 2012!  We'd like to thank everyone who wrote wonderful reviews about our mission, sanctuary, and animals on our GreatNonProfits' web page (click HERE to read our reviews)!  Once the Awards officially close on November 15, our new badge will appear on our Great Nonprofits profile and we'll be highlighted in the Great Nonprofits 2012 Top-Rated PageThe Huffington PostTakePart and Parade Magazine will be referring their readers to check out Top-Rated Nonprofits in November!  Again, thank you so much for helping us reach more people who may want to help support our mission in the future. We are truly humbled and honored by your support!

Now that the weather is cooler, our cats are more frisky! If you haven't had a chance to meet our exotic cats, Nugget and Twiggy, then now would be a great time!  For tour information, please click HERE! We have some great fall and winter activities coming up that you don't want to miss, so stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, have a safe and wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon--especially since the weather is much cooler and the cats are active!


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