Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introducing The Humongous Red Barrel!

So, what do you give a tiger who already has lots of toys?  Another tire swing?  Perhaps a pretty blue ball? about a humongous red barrel? Watch Smuggler's reaction to his brand new toy on the playground!  

Now we all know how much Smuggler loves playing with his toys in the pool, so the question is, can he drag the humongous red barrel to the pool all by himself?

Thankfully, Smuggler did not break his canines when he dragged his new barrel around the playground--a testimony as to how strong his teeth are!

We also introduced the humongous red barrel to the babies one evening. So what was their reaction to their new toy?

Don't you just love those shining tiger eyes?

We'll be posting more pictures and videos of the tigers playing with their new humongous red barrels.   Will Amol get to play with one of these new toys? Just how deep is his love for the smaller blue barrels--will it turn fickle when he sees the humongous red barrel?  We'll keep you posted!

Sox Update!

Yesterday we took Sox to the vet because we noticed he drank a lot of water than normal. Since Sox was previously diagnosed as hyperthyroid, our vet drew blood so he could test his kidney and thyroid function levels. 

We have great news!  His test came back normal and his thyroid function improved!  The vet thinks Sox was just thirsty at the times we observed him drinking.  Sox continues to receive lots of attention from all of us as we let out a huge sigh of relieve that he is A-Okay!  

We may still take Sox to Trinity Mills Specialty Center for radiation treatment so he will no longer have problems with his thyroid.  If and when we decide to take him to the specialist, we'll be sure to let you know!

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  1. I am so glad that Sox is better - YAY!!

    I think my favorite thing about these videos is listening to Vicky laugh at the antics of her "kids!"

    LOVE watching the cats plays with their big new red barrel....think Apollo could get one in/out of his tub??