Monday, December 17, 2012

And The Countdown to Christmas Begins!

It's hard to believe that in 7 days it will Christmas Eve and in 14 days it will be New Year's Eve!  Where has the year gone?  We'll be giving you a full recap of this year's events on December 31st--but in the meantime, here is a mini-look at what transpired this year.

We welcomed six new cats into our feline family: Tyjar, Jasper, Gideon, Kibo, Shira and Quisto.  As always when we bring new cats home, we were thrilled to be able to provide a permanent, loving home to these beautiful animals.

Along with the joy of helping our new arrivals, we also had several devastating losses.  We said goodbye to Missy (horse), Keenan (cougar), Jasi (serval) and Okemo (tiger).  Needless to say, it was a very difficult summer for all of us, and particularly for Vicky with the loss of her beloved Missy.  Last month we were devastated by the loss of Colleen Butler, our board director of Donor Relations.  Life at In-Sync Exotics is just not the same without Colleen and our beloved animals that passed away this year.

We faced quite a few medical issues throughout this year, but once again, our amazing team of volunteers came through whenever we needed their help! Thank you Team In-Sync!

Today is the Bake Sale!

Have you visited our CHRISTMAS BAKE SALE yet?  It's going on right NOW from 8am - 6pm!  Click HERE for a map to the Best Bake Sale EVER!

Place: Premier Place Building Lobby, 5910 North Central Expressway, Dallas, 75206 (same location as last year, Mockingbird and Central, just north of Mockingbird Station, across the highway from SMU).

Goodies: Lots of favorites from past years, and maybe a few new favorites. We’ll definitely have breads, pound cakes, cookies, brownies and candies. For special diets we’ll have at least a dozen vegan choices, some gluten-free options, and some nut-free items (don’t worry Vicky, we’ll have lots of soft peanut brittle for you)!

Prices: Most items will be $3 (cookies and brownies) and $5 (cakes, breads and candies). We’ll also have gift baskets, mugs with biscotti, and other specially packaged items that will make an even more impressive gift. We’ll even have beautiful hand-painted scripture gems available for sale again this year!

Don't forget, every dollar the 2012 Christmas Bake Sale raises this year, results in an automatic matching, dollar for dollar.  So if you cannot make it to the bake sale and would like to make a donation and see your donation automatically double, please mail a check or money order, made out to In-Sync Exotics, to: 

Corby Bryant
 c/o Venable Royalty, Ltd
5910 North Central Expressway
Suite 1470
Dallas, Texas, 75206

Thank you for supporting the animals of In-Sync Exotics!

Send an In-Sync Exotics' e-Card Today!

Want to send a special e-card to your friends and family?  We have set up a special e-card featuring Jynxie and Sabu!  Click HERE to send an e-card today as this service is for a limited time only!

We thought you might enjoy a video of Jazz enjoying some Christmas cheer!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder, I now only have seven days left to go out and find gifts for everyone....Ug!

    1. We totally understand! May we suggest the Christmas Bake Sale (if you are in the area) for last minute gift buying or perhaps an item from our on-line gift shop? Or evem a 2013 In-Sync Exotics calendar? All great gift ideas for a great cause!