Thursday, December 20, 2012

The BEST Bake Sale Ever!

By chance, did you happen to attend Monday's bake sale?  If you did, then you already know it was the BEST BAKE SALE EVER!!!  We received word from Corby Bryant last night that Monday's bake sale was the BEST ever held in six years -- as she put it "we had a pretty awesome day!"

Before we share with you the details of the event, we'd like to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to everyone who came out and purchased gift cards and baskets, sweet treats (some even sugar-free), Scripture Gems, and of course, our In-Sync Exotic 2013 calendars!

Corby shared with us why she thinks this year's bake sale was the best ever:
"I think we were so busy because of several things:  (#1) we have return customers so each year our prior shopper list grows and grows;(#2) you guys did an awesome job of promoting the sale frequently; (#3) we had In-Sync Exotic calendars, Scripture Gems, CityVet gift cards, and gift baskets to sell. All of that adds up;  (#4) we had several new baked items this year including sugar-free so we can accommodate special diets; (#5) and most importantly, I felt from the start that this year's sale had God's special blessing on it and would be one to remember! We encountered a lot of challenges and spiritual warfare during the planning and baking, and that usually means you're on the right track if you're getting that kind of resistance from the enemy.  Overall, it was our most successful event to date and we couldn't be happier!"
When asked what stood out most in her mind regarding the event, she replied:  "The most memorable part of the sale this year was just how busy we were. We usually get busy during morning coffee breaks, lunchtime and afternoon sugar cravings, with lulls in-between. This year though, from 9:30am until 3:30pm we were slammed with customers non-stop. There wasn't time for photo-taking, tweeting, facebooking, lunching or taking pit stops."

Corby was able to send us one tweet during the event, letting us know that several items had already sold out before lunch time!  Bless her heart, it was the one and only tweet we received from her!

By the end of the day, there were very few goodies left! Corby kindly sent back the leftover treats to the volunteers working at In-Sync Exotics to enjoy! No doubt our volunteers enjoyed the tasty treats!

We'd like to recognize Debbie Congdon,  In-Sync Exotics' volunteer who worked the event the entire day.  "We loved having her work the event with us; she was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the cats. People got really great insight into In-Sync Exotics, and I think she made everyone want to drive out for a visit with their families. Plus she's become a good friend to us!" Two high-five tiger paws to Debbie for providing outstanding representation at this great event--thank you, Debbie!

Okay, are you ready to know how much was raised thus far (as checks are still coming in)? Remember, last year Corby and her baking crew raised $4,175 in sales and $4,175 was matched bring the total donation to $8,350.

This year, thus far, Corby, Janet, Kristen, and Lauren raised $7,156!  When this total is matched, dollar for dollar by Venable Royalty LTD, the new donation balance, thus far is $14,312!  Corby believes this amount may grow to about $16,000 by the time all the incoming checks are received!  There was a special In-Sync Exotic volunteer who donated $2,500 at the event which was doubled to $5,000!!  Thank you very much special In-Sync Exotics' volunteer!!

We are very grateful that Corby, Janet, Kristen, and Lauren chose to help raise funds for the animals once again!  These talented ladies truly "out did" themselves this year, raising the bar, once more, for next year's event!  Corby is already looking forward to the next bake sale, hoping that we'll have second matching partner who will sponsor this event in 2013!

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