Tuesday, December 18, 2012

As We Count Our Blessings!

The year we've been so busy of late that we haven't announced our monthly cat's birthdays, arrival anniversaries, and sadly, the passing of our beloved animals.

Thankfully, December is a great month to take stock in all that we are grateful for--and that includes our exotic residents.  They are truly blessings to our sanctuary and as such, we'd like to recognize our December cats!

Let's start off with Diva, a beautiful black-spotted leopard who arrived at In-Sync Exotics on October 3, 2005.  Diva and Jett were rescued from a facility close to Houston.  We were told that Diva and Jett could be housed together although neither had been altered.

Keeping with our belief that rescue centers and sanctuaries should not breed, we arranged for Jett to arrive a month earlier than the other cats so he could be neutered and have enough time to recover before Diva arrived. 

Jett adapted quickly and was quite a clown.  Diva had a difficult time adjusting to her new home at In-Sync. She had to adjust to new people, new surroundings and a new roommate. At first she was intimidated by Jett and stayed hidden inside the den. We sat with her and talked to her to get her more comfortable with us and her new home. Although not as sociable as many of our cats, Diva eventually came up to the fence for a back rubs.  Most often we found her snoozing up on one of the high platforms.

Sadly, Diva passed away on December 4, 2009.  Our beautiful girl battled terminal cancer in her throat and abdomen.  Eventually, she let us know when she was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge when she stopped eating.  We miss Diva very much -- she was an awesome cat!  Jett loved her and she loved to chase, catch and eat squirrels--that's how we'll always remember her--our silly girl!


Can you believe it's been one year since Chance, our little bobcat, arrived at In-Sync Exotics?  Chance arrived on December 9, 2011 and he is no longer that shy bobcat that peeked from underneath his blanket when he first arrived!  Happy 1-Year Anniversary, Chance!

Malikai and Dinari!

Last week marked what would have been the 12th birthday for Malikai and Dinari.  Even though both boys passed away in October 28, 2010 and May 5, 2011, respectively, we still miss them very much!

For those of you who did not get to meet the two handsome brothers, here is a cute video of the two of them playing together!

We will never forget our two beautiful boys...


This coming Saturday, December 22, 2012, marks Samu's 13th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Samu!  If you haven't read Samu's arrival story, then please click HERE (and have a few tissues handy -- she is one of our "miracle" success stories!)


On October 3, 2005, Dakota came to us along with two other servals, Gypsy and Tramp, from a sanctuary that claimed the three lived together with no problems. Based on this information, we built one large enclosure to house the three servals so they could continue to live as they were accustomed.  Being such a friendly fellow, Dakota quickly became a favorite with the volunteers and staff.  He emitted a certain sweetness that could clearly be seen in his eyes. He apparently had been a pet prior to being placed with the previous sanctuary. 

Not long after we took the servals, Dakota and Tramp began fighting. It became obvious to us that the two had probably never been housed together and that we were told an unfortunate falsehood by the previous owners in hopes we would find it easier to accept and accommodate their three servals. At the first signs of aggression, we began to build another enclosure so that we could separate Dakota from Tramp. 

Sadly, Dakota did not live to enjoy his private new enclosure we were building for the . On December 27, 2005 we found Dakota curled up in his bed asleep forever. Dakota had suffered heart complications after a scuffle with Tramp during the night and died a senseless death because of false information.  Sweet, gentle Dakota touched our hearts and his memory lives on with all who knew him.


One of the greatest joys is to celebrate our cats' birthdays and anniversaries.  One of the saddest moments is to say goodbye to loved ones.  We hope you've enjoyed our blog postings as we shared our journey with you--striving to provide our exotic wild ones a loving place they can call home.  If you like the work we are doing, would you please consider making a kind end-of-year donation towards our animals' care?  Your thoughtful gift is truly a blessing to In-Sync Exotics!

Tomorrow, we'll be introducing you to our new intern, show you what one of our interns has been up to lately,  plus share a letter we received from one of our volunteers.  No blog posting would be complete without an update on our cats, so be sure to check back tomorrow for more news and updates on the animals of In-Sync Exotics!

We hope you enjoyed today's blog posting! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun and informative information about our exotic cats and their friends of In-Sync Exotics! Don't forget to let us know your reaction to this posting by clicking on one of the reaction buttons below--and share this blog posting with others please ~ Thank you!


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