Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guess Who is Playing Hooky Today?

Well, your blog writter has decided to play hooky, so there will no blog story today.  Now I know you are really disappointed, but don't fret, your blog writter will be back tomorrow with more fabulous infromation about In-Sync Exotics.

In the meantime, we have an assignment for our faithful readers--we are working on a story titled "Cat Naps" and we would love our audience to participate in this blog posting.  Please send us your favorite photo(s) of your cat sleeping with a catchy caption to our animal email box by noon Sunday, so we can include the photo(s) in our Monday blog.  So far we have received several adorable pictures and we would love to see more! 

Plus we'd like to thank everyone who has thus far participated in our Help Big Cats Receive Their Annual Vaccinations! Razoo project; thus far have raised $490!  That leaves us with about $535 left towards our goal of $1025.  We pray we can reach our goal within the next 20 days!

Until tomorrow, we hope you enjoy a little Calvin and Hobbes humor!  To see them better, please click on the cartoon and enjoy -

Please don't forget to pass on the humor--share  this blog with your friends and family!


  1. Calvin & Hobbes is our favorite!!!

    1. Calvin & Hobbes are our favorite too!

      Reminds us of all the zany things our animals have done when our backs were turned for just even a single minute!