Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Has 4-Legs, 2-Ears, and 1-Eye?

We have written quite a bit about our lions, tigers, cougars, bobcats, but nothing about our Lynxes!  That’s going to change, starting now!

Hello Trooper!
Meet Trooper, our Siberian Lynx who arrived at In-Sync Exotics on August 17, 2005!  You may have noticed Trooper looks a little different than our other two lynxes. Well, Trooper, aptly named based on everything he went through during his first year of life, is one tough cookie. 
For you see, Trooper was at one time a private pet who was confiscated by the local authorities in south Texas and brought to The ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep) to surgically treat his broken leg and perform eye surgery.  Trooper remained with The ARK during the course of his rehabilitation until Dr. Tristan, volunteer veterinarian for The ARK, believed it was time for the lynx to find a new home. 
When we received the call from Dr. Tristan asking us if we would take in a young Siberian Lynx with a visual disability, our immediate answer was “yes!”  
Dr. Tristan told us everything this young cat had been through his first nine months of life, describing him as "a real trooper.  Hearing this Vicky exclaimed “that’s it!  His name will be Trooper!”
There appears to be a mystery as to what happened to Trooper’s eye.  Dr. Tristan said he wasn’t sure what happened to him as The ARK was given two different stories:  either his eye was poked out or Trooper’s mother severely scratched his eye.  Since his eye could not be saved, the vet cleaned and stitched his eye socket closed.  So how did Trooper break his leg?
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Turns out the reason why Trooper’s leg was broken was because the previous owner’s bookshelf fell upon him as he attempted to climb the furniture.   
Thankfully, Trooper’s 4-5 month rehabilitation with The ARK helped him recover from his eye surgery and broken limb.  It was time to introduce the boy to his new friend, Duchess!
Beautiful Duchess!
Duchess arrived at In-Sync Exotics on February 9, 2002, almost three years prior to Trooper’s arrival, and she too used to be a private pet.  Duchess lived her owner for 8 years in Dallas Ft. Worth until a court order was issued requiring Duchess to relocate.
Someone recommended In-Sync Exotics to the owner and after a few phone calls; Duchess came here to live with us.
This was a big change for Duchess after living in the house for so long, but we felt with a lot of attention she would come to accept her new surroundings. It was also very painful for her owner to give her up.
For the first 6 weeks, Duchess didn't eat much. We tried the food her owner left for her and other red meat, but she finally decided she likes the chicken with vitamin supplements best.
Duchess is now very comfortable here at In-Sync Exotics. She loves her cagemate, Trooper, and can often be found snuggling with him inside the den, especially on cold winter days. We are happy to have this beautiful cat with us, moodiness and all.
Last to join our Lynx family was Tobias!   
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Little Tobias!!
Tobias was rescued by the USDA from a breeder in Oklahoma and brought to us on March 19, 2010. He was roughly 10 months old and suffered the effects of extreme negligence. His condition was so bad upon his arrival that we were not even 100% sure he was a lynx. He suffered severe ringworm, which left him almost entirely hairless. He was also anemic and significantly underweight at only 10.5 pounds. 
Today, you can see Tobias, Duchess, and Trooper playing and snuggling up together.  You may have noticed that Tobias does not have the same coloring as our other two lynxes, making it very easy for our guests to identify him out of our three small exotic wild cats.
Our lynxes are very special animals, each coming from unique backgrounds, forming a tight-knit bond with one another.  If you haven’t seen Trooper, Duchess, or Tobias, you just have to come out to our sanctuary to say “hello!”  
Our Lynxes!
We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to our three lynxes – if you liked the story, you know what to do (see boxes below) and don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family!
[Silent reminder] - Green Source DFW Environmental Awards! Our lynxes thank you!

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  1. I'm amazed at the snuggling. Big cats wouldn't snuggle in the wild. We all think it's adorable, but are they doing it for warmth or comfort?