Friday, February 10, 2012

It Was A Quiet Week at In-Sync Exotics!

What a quiet week this has been for us!  For the first time in a while, we have been able to catch our collective breathes, and perform routine animal preventative  health care.

We started the week with a short presentation of our animals enjoying their enrichment!  Enrichment at our sanctuary encompasses a variety of activities where objects, sounds and/or scents are used to encourage the natural behaviors of the animals under our care. Our animals love their enrichment!  And we love that enrichment provides mental and physical stimulation which enhances the health and well-being of our animals.

On Tuesday we happily announced Merial Pharmaceuticals stepped in and help us with a donation of $1,000 towards our vaccination program.  Thank you Merial for your generosity!

We'd also like to thank everyone who has thus far participated in our “Help Big Cats Receive Their Annual Vaccinations!” Razoo project; so far, we have raised $540! That leaves us with about $485 left towards our goal of $1025.  We pray we can reach our goal within the next 19 days!

We spent so much time covering our larger felines that it was time to introduce our lynxes to our readers. So, on Wednesday, we shared with you our 4-Legged, 2-Eared, and 1-Eyed lynx named Trooper, and his cagemates, Duchess and Tobias. 

Our lynxes are very special animals, each coming from unique backgrounds, forming a tight-knit bond with one another.  If you haven’t seen Trooper, Duchess, or Tobias, you just have to come out to our sanctuary to say “hello!”  

On Thursday, the blog writer shamelessly took a day off from writing, but not without leaving a few humorous Calvin & Hobbs cartoons for our faithful readers’ pleasure plus a homework assignment!  We are working on a story titled "Cat Naps" and we would love our audience to participate in this blog posting.  Send us your favorite photo(s) of your cat sleeping with a catchy caption to our animal email box so we can include the photo(s) in our Tuesday blog.  We received quite a few photos of adorable sleeping cats (with captions), but our “Cat Nap” show would not be complete without YOUR sleeping beauty’s picture to compliment the presentation.  Deadline to submit your photo(s) is this Sunday at 12:00pm CST.  Thank you!

We have some new products in our on-line Gift Shop.  Snuggle up to a good book while you snuggle under our new super-soft Throw Blankets featuring either Kami, Tajar, Issac, Raja & Jasmine, Jazz, Duchess, and Aasha. Our throw blankets are perfect for the couch, the car or an evening ball game, this cozy stadium blanket keeps you warm and toasty. 100% soft, warm polyester fleece, can share the warm with your special human or animal companion!  These 50” x 60” double-sided blankets’ ink will not run, fade or distress, and they are machine washable!

Since a few of our products are showing up in the horizontal and not vertical position on the Gift Shop web page, we though you might appreciate how these masterpieces look facing the correct direction:

Stadium Blank featuring Issac!

Stadium Blanket featuring Kami

Stadium Blanket featuring Tyjar

Stadium Blanket featuring Aasha

Stadium Blanket featuring Jazz

Stadium Blanket featuring Duchess
Stadium Blanket featuring Raja & Jasmine

Stadium Blanket featuring Aasha

These gorgeous stadium blankets are printed front and back with the same image!  If you are interested in purchasing one of our stadium blankets for yourself or as a gift, please visit our on-line Gift Shop today!

Well, we hope you enjoyed this week's blog and will return next week for more fun, entertaining and informative updates on the animals of In-Sync Exotics!  Have a fun and safe weekend -- and don't forget to visit the animals if you happen to be in vicinity of In-Sync Exotics!

[Silent reminder] - Green Source DFW Environmental Awards! Voting ends on Monday, 2/13/2012.  Our lynxes thank you!


  1. Also! To anyone interested... I received the very bottom adorable Aasha blanket (w/tongue out) for Christmas from my wonderful Momma! IT IS SUPER DUPER SOFT!! I was extremely suprised how soft and fluffy it is. I'm currently fighting one of my cats, Louis, for posession of the super soft blanket because he thinks all soft things are his! He needs to learn how to share! hahaha

    You will not be sorry purchasing one of these adorable blankets. Since it's (kinda) cold now, I actually have mine underneath my regular comforter because its warm and I love the way it feels.

  2. Thank you Kelli for sharing your review of the Aasha stadium blanket. We're thrilled the blanket is loved not only by you, but by Louis, your cat, as well!