Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wild Cats Received Their Shots!

Alysia preparing the vaccines
to be administered to the cats!
What??? The In-Sync Exotics’ cats received their shots already? Yes, that right! We were offered a wonderful gift we simply could not refuse. For you see, the makers of the vaccine donated $1,000 towards our vaccination program. We are so happy Merial Pharmaceuticals was able to step in and help our wild ones with their annual vaccinations. Thank you so much, Merial!

So on Wednesday, Friday and yesterday we administered a total of 51 combination doses of Rabies and RCPC (Rhinotracheitis [Feline Herpesvirus], calicivirosis, & panleucopenia) as required by Texas law to ensure the health and welfare of our animals and protect our animal keepers.  Thankfully, the cats, over the years, have gotten used to receiving their shots due to our Animal Husbandry Training Program, barely registering the serum entering their bodies, making it much easier for us to administer the shots--in the two combined days it only took us 3 1/2 hours to give out 47 injections!

Apollo has complete trust in Vicky as she administers a shot

We are almost finishing giving all the cats their shots--we still have 3 big cats, 2 cheetahs, 7 small exotics, and of course the domesitc cats. One exotic wild cat in particular wasn't exactly happy to receive his shot as seen in the video below:

Jasi, who is currently not enrolled in the Animal Husbandry Training Program, promptly urinated all over the bottom of Andrea's pants as a show of wild cat displeasure after receiving his shot.  Yep, Jasi needs training!

So now that the cats have been wormed and received their vaccinations right on schedule, we are left fundraising to cover the final costs of the shots!  We are only short approximately $600 of our new fundraising goal of $1,025!

Can you help us raise the remaining funds on our Razoo project “Help Big Cats Receive Their Annual Vaccinations!”? 

Yes?  That’s great!  A donation of $10 or more towards our vaccination program would be a tremendous blessing for our sanctuary.  Even though this is the smallest Razoo project we've posted thus far, it is no less important than our other major fundraising projects!

Since we are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit sanctuary, gifts made to this project are tax deductible as allowed by law.
So please, won't you help us with our vaccination program today?  We humbly thank you for your kind and considerate contribution towards our animals' vaccination program!

Jasmine's Birthday "Cake"

Last Friday night we celebrated Jasmine and Raja's birthday.  As you may recall, our beloved Raja passed away last year.  So in honor of Jasmine and Raja's birthday we prepared a special treat for Jasmine -- two helpings of our special "Birthday Cake."  We also made two more pieces of "cake" for her offspring, so they could join in on the celebration.  Tyjar and Shamu loved, loved, loved their tasty treats!

Just by looking at the piece of cake pictured left, can you guess what the secret ingredient was under the cool whipped topping?  How about a good sized piece of top sirloin steak with cheese art decorating the outside of the plate!  For tigers, this is a yummy dessert!  So it was no wonder Jasmine, Tyjar, and Samu simply found their cakes simply divine...

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